<p>3 As, 2 Cs - rescinding material?</p>

<p>what were your grades before? IMO that would merit a letter from admissions asking you to explain yourself</p>

<p>like doehner said i think it depends on what you had before. i know of someone who was "rescinded" after getting 2 Cs in AP economics and computer science classes, but it's really a letter saying you have until such and such time to write a letter explaining the grades. so maybe they un-rescind after taking the letter into account...not too sure though. hope everything works out for you!</p>

<p>i have 3 B's, 1 B+, and 2 A-'s for this semester. </p>

<p>enough to get a warning letter? rescinded?</p>

<p>before this my GPA was a 3.75... with these grades it would be a 3.3</p>

<p>bumpbumpbumppppp guyssss please i'm nervoussss</p>

<p>Chillax, ginger. It sounds like a moderate case of senioritis and, with nothing worse than a B, I'd be surprised if you even got a note asking you to explain. Instead of worrying now, I recommend thinking about how you're going to get past whatever degree of slackerdom you're inhabiting now before you get here in the fall. Slacking is pretty deadly in a fast-moving quarter system.</p>