Restaurants to recommend?

<p>We will be visiting Emory this weekend. What are your favorite nearby restaurants?</p>

<p>There's a pizza restaurant in Emory Village right outside of Emory's entrance called Everybody's which I hear is very good. Is there any certain type of restaurant you're looking for? There are a handful of smaller places within walking distance, and if you have access to a car, then there are countless good places to go.</p>

<p>Thanks for your prompt response. We'll be arriving late tonight and staying through Monday. Yes, we'll have a car, and we're staying in Buckhead. We're looking for any kind of good casual restaurants (including places for breakfast). So recommendations close to Emory's campus and a little farther afield would be great. Thanks!</p>

<p>definitely go to everybody's...i go every time i visit my sibling.</p>

<p>you could also try the spaghetti factory which i think is in Atlanta.</p>

<p>there's a good southern style restaurant called Mary Macs Tea Room. the main courses get to be a bit much after a while, but their mac&cheese and sweet potatoes are REALLY amazing.</p>

<p>murphy's in the VA highlands is delicious for brunch</p>

<p>murphy's is awesome. the virginia highlands has a bunch of good little restaurants.
also, since you are staying in buckhead, you'll be close to the lenox / phipps shopping centers which have tons of choices. there is a cute little mexican place called jalisco's on peachtree near peachtree battle that is really good. also, i would definately recommend houstons on peachtree (my absolute favorite restaurant), taqueria del sol, and figo (pasta) which is on howell mill. for breakfast, i love to go to huey's on peachtree. </p>

<p>around emory there is the original house of pancakes (OHOP) and the bagel palace for breakfast. and willy's for lunch right off of clairmont.</p>