Retaken exams in the UCAS System

I am a junior in high school interested in applying to a couple of UK universities this year. I took the SAT and got a 1530 the first time, and then got a 36 ACT, so would I have to report both scores on the application?
Also - last year, I got a 4 on an exam that I’m retaking to try and get a 5. Will I have to report both scores, and will admissions view such exams as a 4 and 5 each, or one 5 or one 4?

Yes you need to report all scores.

Alright, then would you say there is there still a point in me applying to Oxford for Math. My stats aren’t bad per se, but I don’t think the rest of the USA applicants for such a competitive degree will have 4s or less than 1550 - the 4 was on CSA which I am retaking this year, and I am not taking any AP Physics course.

What other APs are you planning to submit?