Retaking SAT II's, ED Deferral

<p>I'm an instate candidate who got deferred Early Decision (Arts & Sciences)
3.7 GPA
SAT 2100, SAT II US HIStory: 790
4 AP's Done, Taking 5 AP's This year, 11 Honors Classes
Several Honor Societies, President of Science, President & Founder of Pyschology Honor Society
AP Scholar w/Honor Award, WHS Scholar Award (Freshman, Junior)
Psychology Honor Society
Unpaid Internship at the NMNH (Smithsonian)
5's on: Us History, AP Psych, English Lang ;4's on World History</p>

<p>GPA TREND: 3.88, 3.25, 4.2
I think it was my bad sophmore year, that got me deferred (inconsistency). </p>

<p>I've being trying to get all A's (so my gpa will be a 3.82), and I'm writing a letter to them right now. I'm attempting to do all I can to get into UVa, and that would entail retaking some SAT II's that I did poorly on: (Math IIc: 620, Literature: 520). My father seems to believe these scores (which I got in Nov.) show the college that I'm an incosistent student, and if I redo them, and do well, it will help my chances. I didn't know they put so much weight on SAT II's, but I signed up to retake both tests in January. But, now I'm reconsidering...should I take SAT II Lit & SAT II Math, or just SAT II Lit? Are these even a factor in helping my case? Thanks.</p>

<p>Those are good STATS for in-state. Perhaps you got deferred for something other than STATS? If you got deferred due to STATS, I'm in trouble!!!!</p>

<p>Anyone? HelP?</p>

<p>Uva doesn't put much weight on the SAT II scores. In fact, people can submit their application and then turn in SAT IIs later after they're accepted. They're mainly used for placement purposes.</p>

<p>I would focus on getting all those As as well as the letter. If you can show them you're improving then that'll help your chances. If you do more of the same in that respect, then your chances are near zero.</p>