Reverse chance me (weak ecs)

Demographics: MENA (middle east and north africa).
International student

Intended major: aerospace engineering/mechanical engineering

Grade: 90 percent

Class rank : 1/40

SAT: 1530

1.played a sport called squash since 8th grade ( 15hrs/week) and i competed in tournaments.

2.I taught myself a 3rd language and took courses in it.

  1. I did an internship ( i helped high school students with studying abroad and setting up events )

LOR: one language teacher knows me really well personally and academically.
my math teacher knows how strong my math is and always told me it would be a waste of talent if i didn’t become an engineer
My counselor knows of my good reputation in school only.
The employer i did an internship with can write me a LOR.

I will be applying for financial aid
Unfortunatly What i can pay is 5000 dollars only.