Reviews on the College of Charleston's Computer Science Program

I’m looking at majoring in computer science when I graduate high school and I’ve been looking at some schools here in South Carolina. I love the idea of going to the College of Charleston but I cant seem to find anyone who has actually majored in computer science there give their opinion.

Hey, just stumbled upon this now but I’m a current CS major at CofC. I can try and answer any questions you have. Just in general, what I’ve found to be the most important thing in a college CS program is that it is ABET accredited, which CofC’s BS in CS is, but the BA isn’t. I really like the program so far. A lot of the professors are super nice and the school has a CS tutoring lab where upperclassmen students can help you out if you’re ever struggling with some class material. The CS campus is also SUPER nice and right on the water.