Rhodes college or UAB for a med school focused student?

Hi, I am a senior in high school currently debating whether to attend UAB or Rhodes for college. The price of scholarship is about the same, and I’m applying for UAB honors college. I’ve seen one thread on here but that was a while back, what college would you recommend. I am a TN resident and come from a smaller school. What do you recommend, if I do/don’t get accepted into UAB honors college?

UAB Honors / Rhodes College at equal COA are both great options. Without Honors, then Rhodes College.

Thank you, this is what I was thinking also. If I get into UAB honors college, isn’t it too late to apply for the specialized programs, such as science?

I assume you’ve visited both? Campuses are totally different. Rhodes is a beautiful little campus tucked inside Memphis. UAB is a commuter campus scattered across Birmingham’s southside area. Nothing wrong with either, just depends on what you want. Rhodes is a small, highly selective LAC, UAB is a rather large public state school with lower admissions standards. You really have opposite ends of the spectrum as your choices. Both will give you a great opportunity at med school.

Why would it be too late to apply to a specialized program? It’s only August.

I don’t know about Rhodes, but I do know that there are lots of research and internship possibilities at UAB for anyone interested in the medical professions.