Rhodes RD 2025

Starting the thread! Feel free to post stats or questions. Does anyone know when we will receive decisions?

My D received her acceptance a few weeks ago. I think they may be rolling admissions at Rhodes.

Did she apply early action? I applied 12/9 and haven’t heard yet.

I think she did apply EA if that was offered at Rhodes as my D pretty much got many of her applications in by November. I think my D is so ready to go to college. LOL She had to withdraw her application though as she ended up going ED2 at Tulane and that worked out for her.

Good for her! Tulane is very hard to get into!

Yes, my D is excited but they did not offer her the Merit that Rhodes did. I was actually routing for Rhodes as it’s a really good school. Did you see it made the Colleges That Change Lives list. I am a big believer that these smaller schools have a lot to offer our young adults. Fingers crossed you will hear soon.

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Hi! The website says mid-march for decisions, but I wish we could hear sooner! I’m from East TN, and I have a 31 C 32 SS with a 3.96 UW. I think I have good ECS and rec letters. I had an interview with my admissions officer too, which went well (you can request those on their website) I loveeee Rhodes, and I would be so happy to go. I wish they were more transparent about merit money because I would really like it to be affordable. Best of luck to everyone!

Do u mind sharing her scores/stats and the merit she got from Rhodes?

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My D21 applied test optional and received $31,000 in scholarships/grants.


I don’t know all the details but she did apply Test Optional ( no SATS this year for her) and I believe it was around $27,000 . Her GPA was 3.9 and she did have a lot of AP courses but nothing like I have been seeing in other people’s post in other forums. She heard on January 18th. She was a solid 3.9 throughout her High School years though and she does lots of Theatre extra curricular. Very out going and into leadersip opportunities at her High School. Hope that helps. Hope it all works out for you. Like I said earlier, I was really rooting for Rhodes.

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I applied regular decision, and received admission to the university yesterday! They called and and offered admissions and merit.


When did u apply? Does anyone know if someone has been notified about a rejection? Do they save rejections for last?

I applied the week of December 14th not sure which day specifically!

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Wow, congratulations! Is that common practice? Were your stats well above average?

They 15th was the day they notified merit recipients. I assume others got the call too! They said that they were impressed with my activities, essays and academic rigor.

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Oh alright! Congrats! Guess I didn’t get it then lol

Has anyone’s portal been updated? Did u get an email?

Just got a text with my admissions decision! So happy to be accepted! Nothing has changed on my portal yet though…


I didn’t give my phone number :frowning: and I’ve been constantly checking my portal. Hopefully I get good news soon. Congrats!!

My OOS son who applied in December just heard and was accepted with a merit award too. Very happy!

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