Rice vs. Bowdoin

Hi guys. I am currently choosing between these two schools, and I would majorly appreciate some outside perspectives. For context, I am planning to study somewhere in STEM (maybe physics), but I’d also be interested in engineering if I went to Rice.

Bowdoin was my top choice for a long chunk of time. I love the homey campus, small class size, proximity to nature, great food, and super friendly + down to earth students. I’m slightly weary about the cold, long winters and the lack of activity in Brunswick (coming from a city).

I only discovered Rice semi recently, but it seems like an amazing school. The campus is super beautiful, there are fantastic STEM programs, and Rice probably is more prestigious than Bowdoin. I also really like the residential college system and the idea of warmer weather. The main con is Houston (I’m not a huge fan of the South and I don’t want to live there in the future) and the larger class sizes.

I also feel like I haven’t immediately clicked with the Rice students I have met thus far (whereas, with most Bowdoin students, I felt like I did). Admittedly, it is probably hard to gauge people online.

Assuming cost isn’t a factor, I’d go with Rice.

For something like physics, take a hard look at Bowdoin’s course list and professors. Are all classes offered each semester, or do you have to plan out your schedule carefully. And if you are interested in doing some research, which professors are doing something you are interested in.

Don’t get me wrong: I am sure that Bowdoin does a great job teaching physics. But it’s a small school, and that means some limitations compared to larger schools.

Congratulations on having two top-notch acceptances!

Not really. Bowdoin is a top 10 liberal arts college.

However, because of your leaning towards engineering, I would consider Rice to be a better choice, even if you select physics at the end, because I think that the type of physics that would interest you is likely stronger at Rice.

I think that you mean “wary”, though the long cold winters here in the Midwest to tire me out… :wink:

You are talking about two unbelievable names. Rice is “underrated” name wise and Bowdoin isn’t…meaning not everyone knows about Rice but most know Bowdoin.

Is there a cost diffrential?

It seems to me you are comfortable with the people at Bowdoin whereas you didn’t have that spark at Rice - so i’m going there. But yes, most Winter days will suck. Houston is a neat city - it’s not the South like rural TX.

Thanks for your reply! Those are all great points. I think the engineering vs physics at a LAC debate is a huge part of what I am battling with. And yes, I definitely meant to say “wary” not “weary”. Whoops!