Richmond Transfer

Has anyone else not received their admissions decision? They emailed me saying it would be released today at 7 but I never got it.

I did not get mine either but mine was due to an incomplete application checklist. It was missing one very minor item and as a result my admissions decision is on hold for a few days (probably assuming my decision will come by the end of the week).

Just heard back today at 9 am via email. Accepted with 4.0 and 15 college credits finished, 16 in progress.

Mine was in the junk mail so check your junk mail because it might be in there

hey I also got accepted. Congrats! My letter didn’t mention anything about a transfer credit evaluation or financial aid. Did yours come with your letter?

Hey! I’m also accepted… I didn’t get any financial aid info which is the main decision making point. I wonder when we will have access to that. Did you get something in the mail yet?

Has anyone gotten anything in the mail/ know if they send a physical package or not?

Does anyone know if there is a FB page for 2020 transfers