Ridiculous Plans for this summer that you'll never complete

<p>Here are mine:</p>

<li>Build an airstrip for my cargo cult</li>
<li>Write an epic poem about John C. Calhoun or keep working on my bildungsroman novel</li>
<li>Finish In Search of Lost Time</li>
<li>Learn Anglo-Saxon from this book I found in my house</li>
<li>Recover my muse so I can continue writing poetry</li>

<p>If I accomplish a small portion of any single one of these, my summer will have been a dazzling success</p>

<p>DO IT.</p>

<p>Also, I forgot </p>

<li>Remember how to make good threads</li>

<p>Read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
In Spanish.
Yeah... I want to but... I know I'll fail.</p>

<li>Save enough money to afford a car.</li>
<li>Complete those silly summer assignments.</li>

<p>Work out and get built.</p>

<p>Having sex ;P</p>

<p>^ If you're going to Caltech that may be a ridiculous idea for the next four years haha!</p>

<p>As for my impossible plans...
1) Explain what Finnegan's Wake is about to my Dad (He bet me that I couldn't do it... Having read it three times and still not knowing what the hell it's about may have to concede)
2) Find a whole bunch of post-modern composers who write stuff that I really really like
3) See Koyaanisqatsi in IMAX (this will never happen)
4) Drive in Boston and not feel like I'm about to ***** out my heart on a continuous basis
5) Win every cup on Master in F-Zero X</p>

<p>And CPA... Really... Proust... That is just so you that I thought it couldn't be true...</p>

<p>I will do my plans because they aren't much</p>

<li>make more than 1000 for a new computer</li>
<li>read some books I've been planning but to busy</li>
<li>go out and have fun</li>


<p>My goal is to get my license to keep my parking spot for next year. (They are highly coveted.)</p>

<p>I suck at backing into a space, and going into a parking spot on the right. Parallel is OK. Everything else is fine, but not enough to pass the test. FML</p>

<p>Soo yeah. I hope I can accomplish this goal, but I feel like I can't. (My parents refuse to let me learn from a driving school... ***)</p>

^ If you're going to Caltech that may be a ridiculous idea for the next four years haha!


<p>That's why I'm not going! LOL jk. But yea, sticking to Duke :]</p>

<p>build a particle accelerator</p>

<p>become an international superstar lol</p>

<li>(Sufficiently) Learn Russian</li>
<li>Summon the strength to be more patient with people. </li>
<li>Befriend a moose.</li>



<p>I admire the fact that you even started. Bravo</p>

<p>Fall in love</p>

3. Befriend a moose.


Easier said than done. If it flattens its ears and glares at you, you're screwed.</p>



<p>Really... Joyce... That is just so you that I thought it couldn't be true... unless the alternative of Gauss or something were unavailable</p>

<p>^^^ lol I probably wouldn't if I had to get the novel in it's entirety. I'm going book by book instead, which is doable.</p>

<p>Get a girlfriend. Acquire an immense knowledge of everything. Force Virtual Virginia to keep the Summer Precalc.</p>

Force Virtual Virginia to keep the Summer Precalc.


<p>can...not...compute :|</p>

<p>learn the majority of the information for 4 AP classes and French I.
Summer reading assignments
and not sucking at my summer Job.</p>

<p>life... tsk</p>