Sad, frightened and lots of emotions about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Same! When you thought 2020 couldn’t get worse …

So sad…

Truly a sad day. She fought hard and long.

A devoted and wonderful judge. May she Rest In Peace.

RIP Notorious RBG

It should go without saying that political discussion is not allowed in this, or any, thread.

We posted at exact same time with exact same header! I deleted mine and am pasting my thoughts here:

Not sure if this is ‘allowed’ but I just wanted to say that, IMO, she was a woman ahead of her time; I admired so much about how she strove to achieve all that she did, the family she raised and the love she had for her husband. What a truly inspirational woman!

It sounds like she fought hard until the very end. What an amazing woman.

Very sad. RIP Notorious R.B.G!

So sad for her family. Even more sad for our country.

Great woman regardless of your politics. May she rest in peace.

Fun fact, my dad graduated HS with her in Brooklyn. Used to tease us that RBG could have been our mom.

Passing of a legal titan. Rest In Peace.

Very sad. I know she was trying to hold on until a new administration was installed.

She dictated this statement a few days ago:

She was D2’s idol. She is about to start her first day working as an attorney. She texted me the news and says she is so devastated, she has been sobbing ever since she heard.

So sad in so many ways. ?

I had a surprisingly visceral reaction when I saw the news, with a big lump immediately forming in my chest. She’s truly an icon.

All year every time I saw news about her, I’d think to myself, “hang on until January, RBG”. May she rest in peace.

So sad. RIP RBG.

So sad. I feel sick.

? Such a loss! For our nation, for all the aspiring young legal minds and for women all over the world. She was an inspirational person. Rest In Peace, RBG.

I also have had a strong , visceral reaction to this news. Very upsetting , she held on for so long. Thank you, Ruth.

This is the only public person’s death who has ever affected me so deeply. I am heartbroken but also scared, and also pissed that hearing of her death made me scared first, just a smidge before I was sad. It shouldn’t have to be that way.