RISD RD Class of 2022

I’m gonna make this thread now! I was originally an ED applicant but decided to RD instead for a number of reasons instead. How is everyone holding up? It’s gonna be annoying waiting for over a month for decisions…

Hello! Yeah it is so tough right now, just waiting. :((

Ahhh! I’ve been counting the days.

do u know when the results are supposed to be up? or when it was out in the last couple years?

@elephannypack Third week of March. My guess is March 23rd.

Update: Lucy posted in the admissions group that results should be posted on the 22nd, 4PM EST

Bros I am DYING waiting for this decision to come out… I really wanna go to RISD haha. It’s only a few more days until the decision date, but I am crawling out of my skin just waiting.

@Brine yo same. What other schools are you considering tho? If I don’t get into RISD I’m going to Ringling or MICA.

@pastelrain I’m also considering Ringling! either there or SVA or Pratt would be nice options. I’m so indecisive, it’s gonna be terrible having to decide on a school once I get the rest of my decisions

EDIT: This was me being stupid.

I have a friend of a friend on the board and he asked about admissions and they are up 16% this year… as in 16% more applicants… but they are currently building new freshman dorms so the acceptance rate should go down only a little. good luck to everyone and remember y’all are awesome for making it this far. :slight_smile:

oh and did anyone get into parsons?

@Geekminds I was waitlisted, but I don’t think I’d like New York anyway tbh. Did you get in?

@Geekminds Parsons EA Product Design admit here.

@pastelrain @rscdesign yeah I did. and yay lmk if where both of y’all end up. best of luck coping for the next 48 hours

oh and @rscdesign architecture major here

Same here!!

One more day to go lads!!!

The results might be pushed back because of a snow storm they’re having up in Rhode Island. It isn’t confirmed yet but they said they will be watching the weather and update us immediately.

They haven’t notified any of us about delayed decisions, so I guess today is the day! Good luck everyone!!!

Few hrs left! so nervous