RISD RD Class of 2022

Ahh!!! Do you know what time it will be up for California?

@lizreichner I’d assume that California gets their’s at whatever the PT equivalent of 4:00 pm ET is? That being said I have no idea really.

yall i am… nervous …

@lizreichner If it’s 4 PM EST it’ll be 1 PM PT

thank you! :slight_smile:

2 more hours…

It’s not coming out today, unfortunately. RISD Admissions FB group says they’re pushed back til tomorrow because of the storm.


lol nice job RISD. 2 hours before the release…

this is the driest forum oh no what if its all a prank

@JAM8EE yeah there’s no hype but like there are 2k views on this thread

Lol checkin my portal just in case

@delldellcell same i keep refreshing though I know nothing will happen

ughhh i went to see it. wish i read this first.

What an excruciating limbo!

we will all get an email. the whole campus shut down for weather half way through the day yesterday so they are planning on releasing them before 4 eastern time but no promises, if it isnt tomorrow it will be monday. you guys should really join the fb group

Fingers crossed for today!!

One hour!

RISD decisions are for sure coming out at 4 PM EST today!!

6 minutes