URI Class of 2024

Starting this thread for the upcoming application season! If you would like to share what your major is, when you hear back questions,etc comment below!

Application and all other required information has been sent (Mid Oct) and received. Now DD sits and waits.

Same here for DS. It is so nice for him to have all of his apps (10) off his plate so early, but the waiting is going to be rough for all of us!

DS20 Applied EA after randomly deciding to visit on his way home from an athletic recruitment visit to another RI college. Fell in love with the campus, He is out of state, GPA 3.5 ,SATs 1330, mostly APs and honors, 4s and 5s on all AP exams. Applying to B school for Finance.

GPA 3.9, SAT 1230. Gona be close. All AP/Honors, 4’s on AP.

Does anyone have an idea of when URI usually sends out EA decisions?

From what I have been reading on forums and such, EA decisions come out in January. I wish it were soner.

DS applying to PharmD program. Anyone else invited to/planning on attending Like A Ram “Honors Exploration” event on December 6?

@abcmanzer Yes, my husband is going to take our S20 to that event. It’s hard for me to tell if he received the invite because he’s being considered, or if all applicants get invited, but since he never did an official tour before applying (just a drive through), we figured it was worth his time.

This is DD’s first choice, so I hope she hears soon. But, looks like announcements go out in mid-Jan. She is awaiting to hear from other schools too.

Does URI notify all applicants in mid-January or are there exceptions?

@CTCape my son applied EA as well with almost identical stats (3.6 UW gpa, 1320 SAT) major in finance. We are OOS NJ. Fingers crossed for everyone!

My DD just received an email from URI that they are going to be releasing early decisions starting next week. It also stated…“when decisions are released you will receive an email prompting you to log-in to your applicant portal where your official decision letter can be viewed”. Best of luck to everyone!

Sounds like we’re getting decisions earlier. I am a prospective student who applied for early action (civil engineering). Their new engineering buildings and the program as a whole really impressed me when I went to the engineering special event. Hoping to get in here.

Does anyone think we will hear back decsions tonight?

DD hoping to hear soon from URI. She already got accepted to her #2 and #4 schools, she is awaiting a decision from #1 and #3. Then it is decision time :smiley:

I sure hope so. Although, I’ve been finding with my decisions that when I get an email saying that they’ll be out this week, but they have been come out midweek. So maybe it’ll be Wednesday.

Does anyone know what time they are usually released?

Last year they were released in January, so the fact that they’re beginning in December is unprecedented and so we really have no clue what time they’ll be released.

Just got accepted!

Civil engineering with a $48k scholarship!