Rising Sophomore at Lehigh: ASK ME ANYTHING!

@AMALehigh is a rising sophomore at Lehigh University. He is majoring in Finance at the Rauch School of Business. He plans on working within the financial sector of Wall Street. He has experience utilizing the school’s resources and alumni to increase his job opportunities. During the college application process, he applied to 14 different schools located within the East Coast. He chose Lehigh because of their strong business school and their school’s culture. While touring the schools he applied to, he felt that the Lehigh students were very happy and motivated. He contributes this to Lehigh’s unofficial “work hard, play hard motto.” While, @AMALehigh is not from the Tri-State area, he was very surprised about the city of Bethlehem. He expressed that the area has a strong college town vibe and many amenities within a short distance.

@AMALehigh also participates in the school’s Greek Life program. Prior to applying to colleges, he had not considered Greek Life during his school selection; however, at Lehigh, he felt that the Greek system aligned with his values.

@AMALehigh will be our Guest Student of the Week so make sure to ask any and all questions whether it’s academics, networking, finance, Greek life, or anything about Lehigh in general!

I know you’re in the business school, but what have you heard pre-med is like. How’s the bio department? I really can’t find any information on the biology department as everyone is usually doing business or engineering.

@Mib555, Lehigh is currently constructing a new college of health which expands its current bio and premed program. I have a few friends who are going through pre-med that will go to dentistry school.

Just got admitted to Lehigh College of Health and am exicted to attend!!! Was wondering you honest opinion of Lehigh? Lehigh’s social scene? What are frats usually like at Lehigh? And a little about academics? Sorry I asked so much but there isnt a whole lot of info on lehigh out there.

@dubiedubiedubie, Lehigh is a competitive school but still has a very friendly community. Many other high tier universities are very cutthroat but I have found Lehigh to be the opposite. I personally participate in the fraternity scene. I have found it to be very different that what I had imagined. The fraternity “brothers” are some of the nicest people I have meet. That stays true to all the frats on campus. During high school, I attended a competitive public school and have found Lehigh to be no more difficult than high school. The only main con for the school is its location. There are not many activities to do around Lehigh.

I applied to the College of Health. Do you think they will not as strict admitting students to the college due to it being new?

@gmarie1112, it all depends on how many students are applying to the new college of health. Like any school, if the numbers are down, they are less strict on their requirements. Lehigh is likely going to be less strict on the health college and more strict on business and engineering. This is because, while Lehigh is trying to grow, it only has so many dorms. They are building a new residence, but it is only for Sophomores and upperclassmen. This is just speculation.

How do you feel the University is handling student concerns re Coronavirus?

@1stTimeThruMom, I believe the University is doing the right decision moving everything online; however, this really really sucks. Lehigh is following every other universities’ guide of shutting down for the semester, not doing so would pose a liability. In my opinion the school should give students more time to adjust before online classes start on Monday the 16th. Many students live either internationally or on the West Coast, so the transition back will pose difficult. Lastly, it would be nice if the University gave students options to store items over the semester or the summer. This change is very hard on everyone.

Thank you for this helpful information. I am sorry you are going through this. Not every other university is shutting down. Elon is going online too but allowing kids from far away to remain on campus and ensuring them that they will graduate on time.

do you hear a high demand for college of health? i’m waiting for my decision.

@Luckyjade2024, I personally do not know about the demand for the health college. Since there are no previous years to compare it to, we will just have to wait and see. I hope y’all the best of luck.

thank you…anyone know when we can expect decisions?

@Luckyjade2024, last year mine came in late March, but with the corona virus pandemic, it could be delayed.


How are the online classes going? Do you use Zoom, or another platform?

@1stTimeThruMom, yeah, we use zoom for some of the classes, the rest post recorded videos. Labs and other science-based classes have been more difficult to transition online. It is very strange completing the courses online. I think most students are missing the social aspects of Lehigh. I personally did know about Lehigh’s party reputation before accepting their offer; however, I am very glad that I have that option.

What are the best freshman dorms and how far are they from classes?

@graduate2017, the best dorms depend on your class schedule and what you want to do socially.

Upper and Lowercent are good for business majors and those in the arts, but worse for engineers because of class location. Both of these dorms are close to parties on 5th and hillside, but it can be a little loud at night.

Richards and Dravo are slightly higher than Uppercent but the dorms are larger and nicer.

M&M is definitely the most social dorm but is constantly on probation because of the culture that is created there. MM is the closest to the Fraternities and Sororities which is very helpful if you decide to rush.

Taylor house: Don’t know much about this house but it is a little isolated on campus.

Things to note: the culture on each floor is very different regardless of the building. It also depends on how lenient your RA is.

No dorm is significantly better location wise because the classes are scattered across campus regardless of major.

What’s your opinion on the amount of diversity at Lehigh? And do you know anything about Umoja house?