RIT Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Rochester Institute of Technology offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Fall 2022 admission Early Decision (ED) deadline for RIT is November 1.


All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, RIT admitted 1,154 of the 1,373 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 84.05%.

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Are you planning to apply early to Rochester Institute of Technology? Why RIT? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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DS has applied ED 1 for Computing Exploration (the “undecided” track in the School of Computing). Based on last year’s threads, looks like we should hear back at least on admission portion by Thanksgiving. Expecting DS’s admittance based on stats (and ED), and hoping for some merit money.

Good luck to all applying ED 1!


My daughter just applied ED as well but for another major. My oldest daughter is currently a fourth year at RIT and absolutely loves it there. Back in 2018 when she ED RIT, she didn’t hear her admissions decision until December 15. What I have learned is the different schools have different decision dates. Best of luck to your daughter and I hope she hears sooner than later!


My kid has submitted an application but is applying RD. Even the “friendly” ED needs a response date that is too early for us because COVID put us very far behind with school visits. But good luck to your kids!


My daughter got her acceptance letter this morning from ED1. Good luck to all the applicants!


Congratulations! That is great news.

My son was accepted last night as well. Congratulations!


Wow. Almost 9 out 10 people applying ED are accepted!. Makes sense to use these odds if RIT is your first choice. I did not know that.

Our son also got accepted yesterday for Computing Exploration under ED I. Merit award letter also came at the same time. Very happy.


My D also got her ED acceptance letter for Computer Engineering as well as Merit Scholarship letter. So excited. We did a campus visit this summer because my daughter was heart set on this school after a faculty member at her HS recommended it… I had never heard of the school. I was afraid it wouldn’t be a match for her (thought it would be too small) and we have Bright Futures (in FL) and great engineering programs here. We went up and although it was summer time and not many students on campus, I was blown away by the RIT campus, facilities, faculty, endowments and programming. This school is the best kept secret in the US and very supportive for women in STEM.


That’s wonderful!!! What school within RIT did she apply to? I know the different schools release ED at different times

Welcome to RIT! I’m a current parent of a 4th year Who will be graduating May 2022 with a BFA in 3-D computer animation. She absolutely has loved her time at RIT. As a family, we have been so happy with this school. Before the pandemic, we loved it but during the pandemic they really rose to the occasion and were amazing with keeping the staff and students as safe as possible. Our middle child is currently awaiting her ED from RIT. I would love for her to attend as well. Why don’t you send me a private message because I want to give you some information on a private group the parents have that is full of information.

My son got accepted ED for University Exploration on Tuesday and Presidential Schollie as well. Can’t wait to be a part of the RIT community.


Welcome to the RIT community! My oldest is in her last year and graduating in May. We have loved it. Please message me with any questions. There is also a parent page I’d love to tell you about. Don’t want to post it here just in case it’s against CC rules. Congrats to your new TIGER (that is our mascot).


Planning to apply ED2. Deadline is 1/1. Is there any advantage in applying earlier than deadline for ED2.

I think the only advantage is that you were here sooner than others that wait till the very last day of submission. My daughter has done ED1 and submitted on 10/31. People that have submitted a few days before her already have received their decision.

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My daughter got her RIT ED earlier this week. She was admitted! I will have my 2nd child there. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear from the school.


Congratulations! Waiting for my son to leave his deposit.

Thank you and welcome to the RIT family. My oldest is graduating from RIT in May. I’m happy I will have another child there in the fall. What will your son’s major be?