RIT Regular Decision for Fall ‘23

Thank you so much for the information. 40% placement is actually higher than I would have expected. It’s so hard to decide!

I haven’t gotten a decision from CS yet. Is this usually a bad sign?

It went okay, it was a little awkward, as it one of my first interviews. I don’t think I’ll get it but hopefully I did good enough!


Son accepted earlier this week for Game Design and Development with a $22K Presidential Scholarship. He is very excited however they recalculated our EFC and added $10K to the FAFSA figure (which was already not within our budget). Still considering because program is strong as are the co-op opportunities… but as they say money talks… still waiting for a few more long-shot RD before we start weighing options


I don’t think so, but hope you hear very soon - good luck!

Do you mean before they start, or after they are already a student?

My son originally applied for Medical Illustration and was accepted into that major. He changed his mind, however, so he just emailed admissions and asked if he could change his major of acceptance. They changed it to 3D Digital Design the next day.

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Before they start…sounds like it may be pretty easy to do. Thank you!

Thank you! I got my decision today, accepted into CS with 22k presidential :slight_smile:



Has anyone heard about the honors program yet?

Son received email from RIT, then checked portal, found an acceptance notice. He was admitted into his second choice major (Mechatronics Engineering Technology), waitlisted for his first choice major (Mechanical engineering).

I thought it’ll be informative to post what RIT said about this year’s application pool: "You were selected from the largest applicant pool in RIT history among many academically talented applicants. " “This year’s Mechanical Engineering applicant pool was extremely competitive. We received over 3,200 applications from very qualified students. At this time, our Mechanical Engineering program offers 200 seats for the incoming class.”

I thought the options they gave waitlisted applicants are nice:
“Please keep my name on the waitlist for Mechanical Engineering. I am still considering my admission to the Mechatronics Engineering Technology program.
Please keep my name on the waitlist for Mechanical Engineering. However, I am NOT interested in pursuing my admission to the Mechatronics Engineering Technology program.
Please keep my name on the waitlist for Mechanical Engineering. I would like to be contacted regarding other program options that may be available.”

There is no mention of scholarship or honor program so I guess he didn’t get any. Congrats to students who were admitted into Mechanical Engineering and received merit!


DS admitted with $22k presidential merit. Will revisit on March 25th to decide! Congrats to all! :tada:


That is nice. Based on our own experiences and what some others have said, I have been impressed with how RIT seems to communicate throughout the admissions process.

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My D23 applied to Film Production and has yet to hear back. We expect to hear this week since they announced mid-month. Do we think the decisions will come out today or tomorrow?

Got into the accelerated bs/master’s program but they don’t have a master’s degree for my major :woman_shrugging:



D was rejected for film production but not RIT. Could choose another major but she is only interested in film. A little surprised because she has gotten into a number of top film programs already, including Chapman this week. The letter was very detailed regarding not liking her portfolio and that she could go to art design school for a semester or two and then reapply. Ouch. I think she would have been content with just a straight rejection.

Congrats! You can always get the Masters in a complimentary major. Might make more difference to employers if the degrees were in different but complimentary subjects.

Yeah, my son seemed to enjoy getting that email today with early acceptance and direct admit to the combined accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees program. It seems to include a guaranteed graduate scholarship of 40%, which is a nice bonus. Not sure if that 40% is close to the $22k undergrad scholarship…. I suppose if tuition goes up, the 40% covers it.


yeah it was definitely a nice surprise!

I just canceled my reservation at RIT Inn for the 25th… Wanted to update here just in case someone is looking to book.