RIT Regular Decision for Fall ‘23

Checking here – is every accepted student offered the early acceptance and direct admit to their BS/MS degrees? We got an email but wonder if it’s a typical “scam” sort of situation making it sound like a bigger deal than it is to be offered it.

Maybe it depends on the major? D applied to the newly established neuro major. I don’t think that has a combo bs/ms.

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Not everyone gets it. My son did an interview over the summer. The admissions officer said about 25% of students are offered it.


Not at all a scam and only offered to the top candidates. We sat in on the zoom call last night, which was recorded and should be up on the website soon. Interesting programs with a number of tangible benefits - accelerated timelines, reduced cost, guaranteed entry into graduate programs (no GMAT/GRE, no additional application, etc.). Those who accept the invitation are put on the fast track but will have to attain certain benchmarks by junior year in order to continue in the programs. You also have the ability to pull out of the programs at any time if you decide that they are not for you.


Thank you! My son and I attended the Zoom call last night. It sounds wonderful and my son is interested in the program. The difference in salary with the BS and MS was startling and the BS salary was impressive on its own! It seems, from an ROI perspective, it could pay for itself very quickly. It’s still hard to beat some of my son’s other offers, which also include BS/MS options but at a lower price. He got an absolutely incredible merit scholarship to RIT so we can make it work, but other options are cheaper and still solid. I’m looking forward to my son finally deciding, haha! Has your student made a decision?

My son is mostly interested in the MBA +1 programs where he would walk out with a BS in engineering and an MBA after 5 years. A few schools that he has been accepted to offer this program.

We are getting closer to a decision, but I fear that we will be around that May 1st deadline before we finalize. We will be attending RIT’s Admitted Student Day this Saturday, another one on Sunday and then others in the coming weekends. My son is fortunate to have a handful of really great opportunities, so we are doing our due diligence and attending everything that we can. It is certainly exhausting for us as parents, but we are getting close to the finish line. He is our last one, thank God!

have honors program decisions already come out?

I saw someone receive decision and was disappointed, getting into it freshmen year would have moved it up on my list of schools :confused:

Did they apply early? When you get a decision on honors relates to how you applied. From their website:

  • If you applied Early Decision 1, you will be notified 2-3 weeks prior to January 15.
  • If you applied Early Decision 2, you will be notified 2-3 weeks prior to February 15.
  • If you applied Regular Decision, you will be notified 2-3 weeks prior to May 1.


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I’m not sure (they called it a safety and I thought RIT only had early decision, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to be an ED admit)

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thank you for the link share, I didn’t see that before

Yeah I think they already came out for rd admits, just saw another person say they got in. which sucks because it would have increased my interest in the school :confused: but oh well

According to our Admissions Advisor, if you have not received an Honors invite yet you will not be in the program as an incoming freshman. You are open to apply for admission to the program after the first semester at RIT.


damn, okay, thank you! I kind of assumed, just wish I had gotten a freshmen invite :confused:

Anyone else have a kid who is totally on the fence and cannot decide between RIT and other colleges? Great to have options but I see the sand running out of the hourglass and it kind of freaks me out. May 1st is only four weeks away…

Yes!!! Tensions are very high in the house right now!

With my other son (current college junior) the final decision was pretty much a slam dunk. With this one not so much… :upside_down_face:

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My daughter is in a similar place. We had a great ASD on Saturday and she spent the night on campus with the WiC group. She is a little concerned about the distance from home though (5 hours.) We’re visiting another school next week and will do some virtual sessions for a couple more. This is my fourth and last kid’s college journal. My third didn’t commit until 4/30 so I’ve been here before.


Who is everyone still considering, if you don’t mind revealing?

We are down to…
Univ of Dayton

Mechanical Engineering major with a business or entrepreneurship minor. He is also a musician, which is another small consideration. Three very different schools, each with their advantages.


My son’s final 5 at the moment are, for Computer Science (but wanting an emphasis in Game Design): RIT, WPI, Michigan State U, University of Utah, & Purdue.