Robert R. Lavelle Business Scholarships at U of Pitt

<li>Is anyone familiar with this scholarship? </li>
<li>Are they only available to incoming freshmen in the school of business?</li>
<li>Is there any separate application and/or interview? </li>
<li>How many scholarships available thru this scholarship?</li>
<li>When do students find out the result? </li>


<p>This scholarship was primarily for minority students and they have only one available per year.</p>

<p><<the robert="" r.="" lavelle="" scholarship="" is="" available="" to="" full-time="" incoming="" minority="" freshmen="" at="" the="" university="" of="" pittsburgh.="" you="" must="" enroll="" in="" college="" business="" administration="" and="" demonstrate="" academic="" achievement="" both="" high="" school="" on="" act="" sat="" be="" eligible="" for="" this="" renewable="" full-tuition="" award.="">></the></p>