Robertson Scholarship at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill

Second round of notifications went out today!

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Has anyone gotten a notification since the last round went out?


I received an email yesterday from Duke University Office of Undergraduate Admissions saying they identified me as a candidate for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. Apparently I a semi finalist even though I didn’t apply? Does this mean I got in to Duke?


also curious, trying not to overthink things lmao

as far as I know it’s a really really promising sign but not quite a likely – I’d be confident about Duke but it’s not a 100% confirmation that you’re in afaik. congrats!!


I would think so, 99.99%. Congratulations!

We have not received any notification.

They sent out an email over a week ago indicating that students would be informed on a rolling basis through the 20th. People have been notified every day this week from what a few different message boards indicate.

Congratulations!! This was my kids experience 5 years ago.

He ultimately received a very strong likely letter shortly before acceptances were formally released and was accepted to Duke. I would say you should be very confident that you will be accepted as your application had to stand out as exceptional in the eyes of the Duke admissions officers. Well done!!


Congrats!! This email to is a very postive thing. I feel :100: you are in.
I am little confused though avout some statements -Did you not apply for Robertson?
What does it mean by they have idetified as a canditate when you have not applied?
Are they saying that as a freshman you will be considered?

Yes- we got the original email…crossing our fingers but not looking so good. Can you tell me what other message boards you have looked at? I haven’t seen much on reddit from this year. Any insight as to how they roll out the emails (geographically, alphabetically?)

We didnt receive this email, you are talking about. Did they send it out to all those who applied?

In my kids case (and as described in the notification 5 years ago) several direct applicants to the schools annually are advanced directly by the schools admissions departments to the semi finalist Robertson rounds in spite of not having applied for the program. The nomination is done based upon the suitability and strength of the applicant profile per the admissions office.

The candidates are notified and given a short window to both accept the nomination and fill out application material. Once completed they are interviewed as semi finalists.

At the time you are informed about Robertson you aren’t given any formal response from the school but it is obviously indicative of a very positive impression and extremely strong likelihood of eventual acceptance regardless of ultimate Robertson result.

Hope this helps and good luck to everyone.


Thank you so much for sharing, really appreciate it. Then this is almost like a likely letter and a very positive news for those who get it.
This info is very helpful for those who will get in the future.
Tha ks and big congrats!! Althought is is 5 years later. Wishing your daughter the very best.

Any tips about how interviews are conducted? What type(s) of questions to anticipate? Pointers for semi-finalists


If we haven’t been selected by now we are not in right?

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I have no idea I’m in the same boat right now and I’m anxiously awaiting response. I’m preparing for the worst but WHO KNOWS? Any idea of what time of day they send out emails?

Any updates?

Someone , said they will be sending out calls till February 20th. Not sure how they got that date? Did they get it because they were semifinalist? Is February 20th a struct deadline? No one knows. Unless we have more people sharing we wont know
My son applied this year and we are still waiting. There has been no communication from Robertson yet. If we hear something i will share.
Hold on guys!!! Wishing all good luck!!!


Hey! There was an email sent out a while ago saying that decisions would be released from 12-20th of Feb and I believe it was sent to all applicants. Make sure you are checking your spam because mine got filtered at first. I am just sitting and waiting in agonyyyyy