Robertson Scholarship at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill

This is the email (just found it, lol):
Received this on FEB 8
Thank you for applying for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. Starting this weekend we will begin extending interview notifications to applicants on a rolling basis. We will extend invitations through the 20th of February.

If you are extended an invitation to interview, you will be given a block of days (3-4) available for you to select when you schedule your interview. We suggest you schedule your intevriew as soon as you receive the link. We can provide you with a letter for your school, work etc. if you need one.

All students will learn their status no late rthan the 20th of February.


OMG, thank you sooo much. We never received this email. I cant thank you enough.
Gmail generally deletes the spam every now and then, i will ask my son to check.
I really thought only semifinalist got that email.
Be blessed

Thank you! Yeah, definitely be checking that email because it seems thats the only way the communicate. Best of luck today for your son!

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Has anyone gotten anything today? All quiet on my end so far.

All quiet, didnt receive any email. But it is also President’s day. Not sure if they thought of that when they said by Feb 20th.

You’re right. Do you know for sure that they’ll send out a rejection email? Or do they just not send anything to kids who they aren’t bringing into the semifinals?

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No idea, if I hear anything I will let you know

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Just got the email, rejected. Please check your emails



I am a finalist at Duke! Does anyone know how many finalists there are?


My understanding is that there are 40 finalists for each school (Duke and UNC), so 80 total.
Best of luck to you!

Having read through some of these comments, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts…
I’ve cruised CC for a year or so, but this is my first time posting. FWIW, I found out today that I’m a Robertson finalist for UNC. Simply stated, the Robertson is an unimaginable dream for me, as it would allow me to pursue double majors in Healthcare Policy (UNC/Gillings) AND Global Health (Duke). Combine this with all the support provided by staff and peers, summer opportunities, etc., and it’s just hard to imagine a more ideal environment for personal growth (and I didn’t even mention the $ benefits!).

That said, it makes me uneasy and a little sad seeing the word “rejected” so widespread here. My perspective throughout this process has been this: Nobody–none of us–is “likely” to be awarded the scholarship at the beginning. Therefore, nobody should feel “rejected” at the end. The depth of talent among all applicants is mind-boggling. Even now, I consider myself a long shot, and I’ve reminded myself of that throughout. BUT I balance that mindset with the affirmation that my chances are as good as anybody else’s. All applicants start this journey with really long odds, but we all have a shot. So I’m giving it a go. Will I be disappointed if it doesn’t work out? Of course, but I won’t feel “rejected”…there are just far too many equally deserving, brilliant guys and gals with hopes and dreams just like mine.

I realize this is probably too late to provide any comfort for those above that have been disappointed, but maybe a future lurker will take something from my thoughts.

My best to all!


Well said!

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Congratulations to you! And thank you for sharing your reflection on the realities of this. You clearly are ready to prove they made a great decision in their selection! Good luck with your studies!


Does anyone know whether notifications have gone out for AB Duke scholarship? Thanks.

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My daughter got a notification that she is a finalist for the BN Duke scholarship.


Congrats, that’s awesome!

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