Rollins Select Application

My DD23 received a select application invitation from Rollins. I have two questions. First is the application really “select” in that it is only sent to students who meet some criteria? And second what is the average turn around time for the admittance decision? I assume as you get closer to the deadline dates, the applications take longer to process. I believe my DS22 got a response on a select application (from another college) in about 4 weeks. Rollins is high on our list and it would be nice to have such a good option going into the process.

Hi, my daughter is applying early decision 1 (also select application). With ED1, I believe they find out around the end of November. Rollins is her first choice and ED is binding. ED2 and Regular Decision decision dates are different. I don’t know how they determine who gets the select application but I was also wondering! We toured campus multiple times and went to their open house, so I thought that might factor into who gets select applications. Good luck with the process!

@AllieC Have they changed admission’s notifications policy? My understanding is that Rollin’s practices rolling admissions, meaning they evaluate the applications as they come in and that there is not a specific notification date - it’s just by a certain date not on a certain date. I find applying to a rolling admissions college is key to reducing the waiting anxiety, so I hope this hasn’t changed!

My son went ED1 last year, but DD wants to have options. I think the stress of waiting for that ED notification date was something she wanted to avoid.

We also toured only once though as we are from out of state, so I agree that visiting is probably part of the criteria.

Best of luck to you too!

I thought Rollins had rolling admissions also but doesn’t appear that is the case. They have a few acceptance notification dates on their site. ED1 is by December 14th, ED2 is by Feb 1, and Regular is by April 1st. We follow Rollins on Instagram and we noticed a lot of people knew (for ED 1) by Thanksgiving. After my daughter applied, she was given an advisor and he was helpful with our questions. Yes, we wish we could find out sooner also! My daughter would love to know now haha!

@AllieC This must be a change for the 2019-2020 admissions because I asked about admissions notifications in our campus information sessions in February of this year and we were told that admissions were on a rolling basis. They also don’t offer EA, which most school’s in this category offer if they don’t practice Rolling Admissions. April 1 will be far past any other college she is applying to admissions notification. We have an admissions advisor also. I guess my DD could email him with the question.

I wonder if the regular admissions is more on a rolling type basis. If your daughter applied now, she would probably find out much sooner than April 1st. I think that’s just the final date people are notified. I hope she can get a clearer answer soon! Good luck! :slight_smile:

So I called admissions this morning and the person would not give me a straight answer about whether the RD admissions were rolling or not. Furthermore, they told me the select application was not “select” in any way and that it causes a lot of confusion among applicants. So basically they just moved to the bottom of my list as I detest when colleges play games in their admissions process. Just tell us straight out. The process is stressful enough and it makes me question what games they will be playing after the student has been accepted and is attending. I’m so disappointed.

That’s really disappointing to hear. I agree that I hate that. Unfortunately, I really like Rollins.

My DW went to a Rollins event in NYC and they wouldn’t give a completely straight answer on rolling admission. What they did say was that it is it is better to get the app in earlier and that it was possible that you would here back sooner than April 1 if you applied RD.

@Coledad It’s unfortunate they are being so secretive about their process. My guess is that certain applicants will be notified well before April 1 due to their competitive scholarship interviews. DD already has 1 acceptance and she will know the outcomes of two EA applications before Christmas. She will choose between the schools that accept her well before April. So Rollins may not even be in the mix.

@sahmkc, I wish Rollins had EA instead of just ED and RD. I do agree with you that students who are very competitive will find out way before April 1.

I’ve been told that if you are a candidate for the Alfond scholarship, you should hear in mid-December. We’ll see if that is true.

I listened to a recording of what my DW heard at the event and the answer on hearing about an RD application was different from what she told me. While they said they do not guarantee an answer before April 1, once ED II is over, RD applications might start hearing. I guess once both of the ED periods are over, they will know how many slots they have left to fill.

We heard back from Rollins on December 10th - even before the ED1 admissions decisions were promised by. Honestly, I think Rollins is trying not to seems like a rolling admissions school when they really do give admissions decisions rolling. Our inability to get a straight answer from the admissions office made us put Rollins at the bottom of our list, even though DD was accepted with a very nice scholarship. In contrast from the run around we got from Rollins, our Admissions Counselor at Trinity U (where DD has decided to attend) was always very responsive to us and they are very clear about their admission and notification process. I believe that admissions is when you put your best foot forward and we were very worried that the run around would continue during DD’s 4 years.

@sahmkc it’s a shame that you got such a run around. I’m sure your DD will be very happy at Trinity. By any chance did you let Rollins know how you felt and how it influenced your decision? It might be something that admissions would be interested in to help them in the future.

@Colesdad I have given it some thought, but I’m not sure if it would be a productive effort. When I called admissions the person I talked to seemed to be well aware of the confusion surrounding the select application and the admissions notification process.

when we visited, I was a little confused at the notification timeline. At the info session, the speaker mentioned no EA and then just said that RD would receive notification by April 1. I asked whether they felt that they were at a competitive disadvantage for not offering EA and having such a late RD notification. The speaker answered by saying that they try to get decisions out as soon as possible, so that led me to believe they did a rolling admission. They were a little vague and wish they just spelled out their policy. On the flip side, after playing this college admission game for a few months now, EA seems to be more of a game for colleges and it would be great if there was some college application process reform to make this process simpler.

The way this was explained to me, was that they do rolling admission AFTER ED decisions. So, they make sure ED kids hear first, then start releasing decisions on RD on a rolling basis.