Rose-Hulman EA class of 2023 decisions

Thought I’d get this thread started. Post your EA decisions here.

DS got his acceptance yesterday. He’s very excited. He’s pursuing computer science. For him it comes down to RH, Colorado School of Mines (accepted) or RPI (won’t hear until March).

Hi, I just got my acceptance as well. I got deferred with an SAT of 1520 and GPA of 4.3, and now I’m feeling kind of terrified for other colleges. I noticed the early acceptance rate for RH is 86%, and it made me extremely worried. Does anyone know if there could be a reason why they did not accept me? Not to say I feel entitled to have an acceptance, but just curious of other people’s opinions.

@jairad26 Don’t feel terrified for other colleges. Based on just this information you’re a very strong applicant. Who knows why schools make the decisions they do, I’m sure I don’t, but it’s clear that what applies to one school doesn’t necessarily apply to another!

@jairad26 I wouldn’t worry… I got deferred as well and I feel pretty confident about my other schools. Good luck!

My son got accepted. ACT of 35. GPA 4 unwieghted

Congrats @njdmom !! Is Rose is his top choice or is he thinking about others?

It is possible that the deferrals are because they are trying to gauge your interest (they might suspect you are using them as a safety). If you genuinely are interested, keep them apprised of any new accomplishments as the RD timeframe progresses, and let them know you are still very interested and hope to be admitted. A couple of emails would be sufficient over the next 2 months, don’t pepper them. :slight_smile:

My daughter was accepted. Act 32 (math 32, science 36) GPA (uw) 3.9. I received my Masters from Rose.

I also was accepted. I had a 29 ACT and 3.9 GPA. (31 super scored, which they do.) Computer Science.

Accepted! ACT: 34, Civil Engineering. Did anyone receive financial aid information in their admissions letter?

Son accepted. ACT 33. Math (and computer science). He enjoyed the glasses in the mailed letter! Have not yet received any financial aid/merit aid information. Last year that appears to have been sent out in mid-late January.

In fact, son received an email at about 10 AM this morning that Rose-Hulman anticipates mailing [financial] award letters to students by the middle of January.

Son accepted. ACT 35, SAT Subject Tests Math II and Chemistry 800, GPA 3.9+ (unweighted) and 4.5+ weighted. My son went to Operation Catapult last summer and really enjoyed the campus and community.

Accepted with 34 ACT
National Merit Finalist
Multiple Academic Teams
Theatre Tech
Baseball player (not playing in college)
Indiana Resident
Toured Campus and BIC

Decision: Accepted
SAT/ACT: 1480
GPA: 3.9 uw/4.7 w
State/Country: Northeast
Major: mechanical engineering
All honors/8 AP classes, tons of community service, awards, varsity sport and leadership positions
Attended Operation Catapult and totally enjoyed the professors and atmosphere at Rose

Decision: Accepted
GPA: 3.65
ACT: 27
SAT: 1260
Major: ME
Also attended Operation Catapult.

I’ve volunteered at a lot of places, work for a vet, and participate on academic teams.