Rose-Hulman EA class of 2024 Decisions

I thought I may as well start this discussion as no one seems to have done it already. I applied EA to Rose-Hulman and am just waiting to find out. Post your admission decisions and thoughts here. Good Luck!

Daughter applied EA as well. Of course 12/15 is a Sunday. Admissions confirmed/indicated a few things during our visit last month. They like to be early but probably won’t notify on the weekend. They’d prefer not to notify on Fri 13th. They def. won’t notify during school hours. So still waiting.

Applied for EA and haven’t heard anything yet.

Has anyone else’s portal changed a bit? Didn’t it used to say “Admissions will be released in mid-December?” It doesn’t say that anymore for me. Perhaps a sign that they will be released soon?

PS: I’ve heard that admission decisions are sent in the mail and not in the portal. Can anyone confirm this?

@Mikey2024 , my son noticed the same thing when he was looking at the portal last night. Nothing in today’s mail.

@BrebeufDad Nothing in our mailbox either.

My son got his decision in the portal.

I just got the decision in the portal as well.

Does anyone know when you find out about merit?

The discussion from last year seemed to indicate that it was within a couple of weeks of the admission decision. I’m not certain though, so don’t hold me to that haha.

EA decisions are out. She’s in. FYI Rose will notify on merit and other aid 1/15.

My son was accepted. Congrats to those who have already posted.

My daughter was accepted. Now sounds like quite a wait to see what aid/merit looks like…

Was informed during our visit by either Admissions or FA that the average merit award last year was $21k. The max was $23k.

Grateful to be accepted. Attended Operation Catapult and felt very much welcomed at RHIT.

Son accepted. 3.75 GPA 33 ACT. Computer Science


Female. Mechanical Engineering.

My daughter got her acceptance overnigh last night. We need to come visit the school – it’s one of the few we didn’t visit.

We got our decision for CS, deferred. School requested for Senior year midyear grades. Grades took hit in 9th grade, but are on upwards trend. Anyone familiar with deferred requesting grades and if there is any chance after submitting grades.

Great School - Congratulations!!