Rose-Hulman RD acceptance letter and financial aid offers

DS is jazzed as he received his snail mail acceptance letter yesterday…we are in Washington State. Like the EA letters it came in a regular legal-sized envelope. Hopefully the second letter with the PIN arrives today so he can access his portal and learn what level of financial/merit aid he received. Or…is the financial aid letter also snail mailed?

Congratulations!!! I believe we looked on the banner site for the financial aid info. Good luck!

Thanks @StemmyMom today DS received the second snail mail with the PIN and was able to access the financial aid section of what would become his new student account. He was granted a $17,750 Rose-Hulman merit scholarship but there was no mention of whether the scholarship is renewable or if there is a minimum gpa requirement to retain the merit money. But it is probably a moot point with $62,000 annual cost for tuition, fees, housing and meals that leaves us having to come up with over $44,000 for just the first year of college.

Mom of recent RH grad here. The RH merit scholarship should renew all four years. There are no GPA requirements in order to renew the RH merit scholarship, other than satisfactory performance to maintain enrollment.

If your DS or DD loves Rose, it is worth a call to Financial Aid to answer any questions and see if there are any further possibilities for additional aid. While Rose funding isn’t as robust as some schools (so you may still not find the merit sufficient), the FA office is typically very understanding and helpful in exploring options.

My DD loved RH. Good luck to all of you with your decision process!