rotation schedule help

<p>So I got the link Registration</a> Rotations Schedule Fall 2010 New Students - Office of the Registrar - Cal Poly</p>

<p>But I'm confused on how to determine it based on the first 3 letters of my last name, anyone wanna tell me which slot I fall into?</p>

<p>my last name is Zajac</p>


<p>You would appear to be 4:00 on Wed the 18th.</p>

<p>^Yeah, 18th and 4:00.
It's kind of a confusing rotation.</p>

<p>thanks!, I thought that might be it since it had one of the only Z's, just wasn't sure.</p>

<p>This is my daughter's rotation: LUD-MCE Thursday August 19 begins at 4:00 PM. 12th in rotation. And last time of the day. ;/ But, like momofmv mentioned, just as well it's in the first quarter of her freshman year when most of the classes are already blocked for her. It can only get better here on out. In fact, she's 5th and 7th for Winter and Spring. Could be worse.</p>

<p>Ya im 8th now, 1st winter =) but last for the spring!!&^&$*(&
Am I gonna be able to add any classes for the spring if in last in the rotation, what classes are usually available in the end? GE's? Help would be nice, thanks!</p>

<p>My son is the same as you (kaicosmoz) or very close to it. I hope that he will get advice about how to plan ahead for that from his advisor. Spring quarter could be ugly!</p>

<p>^^ I have a feeling there will be a fair amount of waitlists. :( I remember when my grown daughter had to go through this back in the '90s at Fresno State. But, often she would persist and the professor would let her in. On the other hand, she needed one Biology class (her major) and this particular professor refused to teach it in the spring or maybe it was fall. Whichever it was, she needed to wait a whole semester before she could take it. It was a requirement for her major. Arrghh. Hopefully, since CPSLO is encouraging students to graduate in a timely manner, they'll be able to accomodate everyone (most of the time.)</p>

<p>ya its gonna be rough, I was hoping to use a priority but I have to wait 4 quarters. Hopefully I can find out which classes are harder to get in-so I can take those in the winter, and take less impacted classes in the winter, and end up not having to waitlist all my classes in the spring :/</p>

<p>Not to completely hijack this thread or anything, but if your on the wait list for a class at cal poly, do you show up the first day? I know this is true when i've taken classes at my local community college, but i'm not sure if you just wait till it opens online or show up.</p>

<p>you show up, the teacher will usually only choose people off the waitlist who actually show up, so potentialy the number 1 waitlist person could not be added if they didnt showup, hence crashing classes....</p>

<p>great! thanks</p>