ROWAN- Fall 2021 Admission Decisions

Anyone know when early decisions come out out if you applied early August?

Really? No responses in 10 days? Isn’t anyone else applying to Rowan this year?

My Son just submitted his Application this week. What is typical turn around time? Applied for Mechanical engineering.

Rowan said first round of decisions going out this week!

Son applied 10/22 and no response yet.

Nephew got an email that he wouldn’t be admitted to Engineering but if he selected a different school/track they would reconsider his application.

@HMom16 can you tell us his stats? We are waiting for an engineering decision too.

His stats are on the low side - 26 ACT, GPA is only 2.7 but the trend is extremely positive (1.7 9th, 2.5 10th, 3.5 11th).

My son just found out he was accepted into Mechanical Engineering. No mention of merit. Hoping that comes in a separate letter.

Congratulations!! How did he hear? Via the portal? Or snail mail?

Through the portal. He applied in September.

I just checked DS’s portal & he was accepted to EE with a $5k scholarship. We were expecting the max $10k so not sure what happened - maybe they reduced their scholarships this year due to COVID?

Congratulations!! Was the merit amount in the letter of acceptance?

Thanks! The merit amount was in the letter of acceptance.

Congratulations to those admitted. Can you tell us your Stats? GPA, SAT, Act and when they applied. We are anxiously awaiting a decision!!! My so has a 4.0 WGPA, a 1390 on his SAT. We are out of state, but he grew up in NJ. He submitted his application 10/18 and all his supporting documents were in by 10/22. He applied for Mechanical Engineering. The waiting is killing us. Good luck to those still waiting.

D was accepted to Rohrer College of Business today. Don’t know any details yet.

Applied 10/12, I think official scores & school documents got there around 10/26. GPA 4.0 unweighted, and SAT 1540.

He got in!!! He was accepted into the mechanical engineering program with a 5000$ scholarship!!!

Son just got acceptance into finance major . In-state ; 1390 SAT; not positive GPA 4.3? . $8000 merit per year

Applied 8/1, minutes after it opened. SAT-1360 unweighted 3.9 weighted 4.2, 6 AP’s (all 4s and one 5 - AP Scholar), Science Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Band, Varsity Sports, NHS, A and Lead in 3 Volunteer Programs… still nothing heard?