Roxbury Latin for 2016 Admission

I’m new on here, but I was hoping to start a thread for parents who are awaiting decisions from Roxbury Latin for admission next fall (2016-2017 academic year).

Our son is applying for seventh grade - smart kid, high scores, etc., but very aware that admissions at RL is very very tough. I’ve looked at all the earlier discussions on CC; does anyone have any insight into the current admission cycle or any other information about the current climate at Roxbury Latin? Thanks so much in advance!

I don’t know the numbers for this year, but in years past admit rate has been about 10%. Might be a little easier in 7th grade than 9th. Many (but not all) of the boys I know who have been accepted have a connection to the school or live in Boston. Strong academics and strong sports - especially in HS. Good luck.