RPI Class of 2025 Regular Decision--Release Date: Mar 6

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute notifies for Regular Decision applicants on March 6th, 2021. The exact time has not been announced, but previous years have released decisions at 7pm EST.

RPI Application Deadlines and Notification Dates Fall 2021:

Admission Plan Application Due Date Binding Notification Date
Early Decision 1 11/1/20 Yes 12/12/20
Early Action 12/1/20 No 1/30/20
Early Decision 2 12/15/20 Yes 1/16/20
Regular Decision 2/24/20 (extended) No 3/6/21
BSMD Program 11/1/20 No Early April


Good luck everyone!

It is confirmed 7pm EST

For about a week my portal showed decision release will be today, March 6. But since yesterday that notice is no longer on my portal. Anyone else have that happen?

Same here! They must be preparing the portal for releasing decisions. Good luck!

ok, thanks for replying! Good luck to you as well!

Just got the decision accepted to Biological Neuroscience program with 22k/ yr scholarship

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Accepted Biomedical Engineering

Male from Maryland, 1460 SAT, a bunch of ECs. Applied very late (2/15/21) after requesting a fee waiver. Honestly surprised i didn’t get rejected, i thought they were gonna use late and free app to boost accept rate lol

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Also congrats! :slight_smile:

Waitlisted for Cognitive Science
3.81 uw, 11 APs, 1490

Applied pretty last minute and accidentally spelled Rensselaer as Rennselaer on the why RPI essay :flushed:

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The decision was out. Got accepted with a 25K leadership scholarship. UGPA 4.0 WGPA 4.6, no SAT/ACT.

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Got rejected. Cool.

where did you see the scholarship??

  1. Login into the admission portal
  2. Click on the “View Update” link under the status update section
  3. Scrolling to the end of the acceptance letter, you will see the “The Financial Aid Award Letter” link

A little late, but accepted as a cognitive science major!

3.83 UW
4.06 W
Didn’t submit my SAT
3 varsity sports
student government for 3 years, president of 3 clubs, member of NHS, not very many community service hours, have worked a part-time job for 2 years
10 APs at the end of this year: 3 4s, 2 5s, and 1 3 so far
multiple awards, have done 3 research projects and won first place awards for them

I really like the school, but I’m going to have to appeal for more aid :confused:

Thank you so much! Also, congratulations on your acceptance!! :slight_smile: