Rutgers Callback Experience / Hotel for Parents?

My D just found out that she got a callback for Rutgers March 2-4. She auditioned two days ago in Los Angeles. Can anyone share what their experience was like? What do parents do during the callback? Since students are provided housing, does anyone have any nearby hotel suggestions for parents?

@Notmommarose has a son at Rutgers - hope she sees this and chimes in!

@actorparent1 Thank you!

I’m actually thinking about just having my D travel there. She’s never traveled by herself before. I’ll need to take detailed notes and give them to her. Would love to hear from other parents what they did. Did they attend the callback? Where did they stay? Or did they send just their child?

Hey @love2share - my D didn’t get a Rutgers callback but she was admitted as a student to another major so we set up a visit and then ended up canceling when NYU came through for her. :wink: The Hyatt Regency is steps away from Mason Gross and there’s a bus from there to the main campus. I think my D would have been comfortable going alone and (again hearsay) I think it’s a jam-packed weekend for them. On the flip side, if Rutgers is a top choice for her, maybe you want to see what you’re getting into with parental college visits. :smiley:

@CaMom13 Thanks so much for the info! I might go ahead and go with my D. It’s just extra expenses with airfare, hotel for me, food, etc. If it was just my D, it’s just airfare and transportation since Rutgers is providing her housing and meals.

I get it! And the BFA applications already bankrupt us! I might send her solo - in 6 months she’ll be living there (or somewhere similar) but now it’s kind of a thrill for them and I can’t think of an easier campus visit to do without a parent since there’s no cars to rent or busses to navigate.

My son went to the call back on his own, but we were within driving distance. There is really nothing for parents to do, so you would be on your own to make plans. For the students, there were meet and greets, they sat in on classes, saw theater in Manhattan, and theater that current MGSA students are doing. When he went the call back auditions were on the last day. It was an amazing experience for him. Congratulations!

@bromquest Thanks so much! The weekend sounds like fun! It looks like I’ll be accompanying my daughter to travel there and back. I’ll try to see if I can arrange some kind of casual tour of the campus from the University, since I’ve never visited. Did your son end up going to Rutgers? How did he like working his monologues with the faculty? Did he have to bring a sleeping bag for bedding in the dorms?

It’s smart to take the opportunity to see the campus and surrounding area, because you may not have time to visit every school when it’s decision time (plus the time together is so precious - I would probably do the same.) You could also take the train into Manhattan while she is at callbacks! My son did end up at MGSA and just graduated. He absolutely loved his time there. He truly believes his Rutgers training has been the best, and more than one casting director has told him how consistently strong they find actors who come out of the program. He and his friends are doing well so far and booking work! As are students who graduated the years before him. He did LOVE the callback weekend, working with the faculty, all of it. He was amazed at the quality of the student production he saw at the showcase. He chose Rutgers over several other top BFA programs and has never had a regret. Yes he brought a sleeping bag (some kids were put up in dorms, others in off campus housing.) But I bet if she’s flying it’s not essential. I think he said he could have just borrowed bedding. Good luck!

@bromquest Thank you! I’m so glad that your son loved MGSA! Its always good to hear how current students feel about the program.

Oh and I really like the Heldrich Hotel - walkable distance and very convenient.

Rutgers parent here~ we have stayed in many hotels over the years and usually just shop deals within a few miles of the campus. The New Brunswick/Piscataway/East Brunswick area has tons of pleasant chain hotels with good facilities and good deals on weekends. That said, I agree that both the Heidrich and the Hyatt are great places to stay, and they’re right in town. NB has a number of fun places to eat and drink, and I can think of worse ways to while away the time! And you are very close to the train station if you’re going into the city.

Definitely agree it’s a great opportunity to see the campus, too. BAL to your daughter!

@letterhead Thank you so much!

Hi love2share,
My son is at Rutgers!! It’s an amazing program. She should go. Callback weekend last year, he texted me - “ this where I want to be.” He didn’t know that until the weekend. In fact he was sure he was going somewhere else! PM me - huge fan of Rutgers.

@Notmommarose Thank you so much! Rutgers was not high on my Ds list before. She enjoyed her audition and is excited about Callback Weekend! It’ll be a great way for her to get to know the school and its acting program better. I decided to accompany her as well. Unfortunately, there’s no programming for parents that weekend, so I’m going to try to walk around the campus and possibly go on a tour.

@love2share If you end up going on a tour of all 5 New Brunswick campuses, you will see a lot of Rutgers that the theatre students rarely visit. It still may be something you want to do, obviously! But if you’re self-propelled and it’s a nice day, you can explore the Douglass campus on foot for a good sense of what would be your daughter’s stomping grounds.

My daughter is a designer (so I’m not biased!) but those actors—that program—they are just stellar! Hope you both have a great time. :slight_smile:

@letterhead Thank you! I plan to start with the Douglass Campus first and see how I do depending on the weather. I’m in Los Angeles and I’m cold in 60 degree weather! :slight_smile: Also, I decided to stay on campus at the University Inn & Conference Center since it’s right there and lower in price.

We stayed there once. It is very convenient and has a great price. Not fancy, but very well located for your touring, and if you get tired and/or cold, you can hop on a Rutgers bus and take a ride through the other campuses or to town. I hope you get some good weather! Or at least weather that doesn’t involve precipitation. :-p

@letterhead Thank you!

Just wanted to share that my D had an amazing experience during her Callback Weekend. She got to participate in workshops for Voice, Movement, Monologues, and Speech. She learned about their Acting Program and Global Theater program, as well as observe the first year acting class. She loved all the current first year students, who hosted them. She got to stay at their dorms, eat their campus food, and experience what student life is like there. Thanks to everyone who shared their tips about transportation and hotel accommodations for me while my D was at Callbacks. This morning, my D found out that she got a YES from Rutgers/Mason Gross School of the Arts!