|s my class schedule rigorous enough?? (11th Grade)

<p>I am an international student that would love to attend UVA. In the school i attend only juniors and seniors are allowed to take AP classes (max of 2-3 per year).So can you tell me if my schedule is rigorous enough? And will colleges such as UVA mind if i dont do any AP English courses?</p>

<p>-English 11<br>
-Chemistry or Physics Honors
-AP Psychology
-US History<br>
-AP Economics<br>
-AP Statistics </p>

<p>12th Grade:
-English 12 or AP Language and Composition<br>
-AP Calculus AB (Self-study BC)
-AP Comparative Government
-AP Chemistry/Biology

<p>(Keep in mind: Most juniors are only allowed to take 2 AP classes with a few exceptional students being allowed to take 3)</p>

<p>Personally, I think the schedule itself seems fine. But remember - just taking an AP class itself means very little more than any other class. </p>

<p>What matters is both your grade AND your AP test score. I think it’s fair to say that looking at the scores required by UVA to award AP credit gives an indication of how they view AP classes - i.e. scores less than a 4 are not generally accepted. So, for example, let’s look at 3 scenarios for you if you took AP Stats:</p>

<li><p>You got an A, and score a 3 on the AP test
This gives a perception of a less than rigorous AP class</p></li>
<li><p>You got a B, and score a 3 on the AP test
This gives a perception that the class was rigorous enough and your performance was average.</p></li>
<li><p>You get a B, and score a 5 on the AP test
This gives a perception of a very rigorous class and good performance by you</p></li>

<p>Obviously I can’t speak for UVA Admissions, but this is a formula we were given by admissions personnel at other top schools we looked at. I remember at both Cornell and Stanford we were told that their rule is easy: Get an A and a 5, otherwise your AP class was just another class.</p>

<p>No one can judge your schedule without your high school’s profile document, which explains the course options and those restrictions you mentioned. This is why “chance” threads make no sense.</p>

<p>Your transcript doesn’t stand alone. Your transcript comes with a high school profile that explains the data on the transcript. You can see yours in your guidance office.</p>

<p>my daughter is figuring her schedule for next yr. she will in 11th. She was thinking AP Chem but freaking out i might be too hard, despite getting a B+ in honors Chem (her current semester grade). She wants to be a doctor.
I am trying to encourage to try it (she has no APs yet) and even the chem teacher is telling the class dont take AP to just take AP cause its not that important. In 9th, her counselor said to her that school is more important about the experience and dont worry about grades (she was stressed cause her brother was a top A student) but counselor really watered it down to the point of telling my daughter that she was a terrible student but loved cheerleading.</p>

<p>So how important are APs to UVA? DO they just look at the unweighted gpa (where AP doesnt come into play).</p>

<p>And how many APs do you reeally need to graduate with to get into UVA or a good college like UVA. She is in the schools honor program but being from northern va…everyone is racing to take APs asap. its like if you dont, then you are doomed. Or if you dont have 8 then forget getting into a decent college.</p>

<p>I do have older kids and they were more competitive and just did it. My daughter lacks confidence though her grades are very good. She also requires more sleep and cant study late like they did.</p>

<p>thanks. </p>

<p>I mean I think it depends on what school your school offers. If your school wants to see many ap courses, then your kid should take them. It’s not only for the name of “AP” or “IB” on your transcript but it also helps you get prepared for college. Many college classes are a lot harder than AP. I think your daughter should take the AP Chem class and maybe even more APs. </p>

<p>If your school profile indicates ten to fifteen AP classes were available and your daughter only took one or two, that is going to raise a lot of concerns from schools like UVA. Schools of this caliber will look at the school profile to determine if the student stretched themselves to take a rigorous schedule. A student who challenged themselves with eight to ten APs while someone else only took two has displayed more risk and preparation for college coursework. </p>

<p>I don’t work in admissions so consider this free advice worth what you paid for it.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>