Sacred Heart University

As anyone heard responses for Early action Sacred Heart University class 24?

have not heard yet, my son applied EA

I thought I had read decision by 1/15/2020??

I am pretty sure Early Action is released 1/31/2020 (or at least that is what they have done in the past). Also it is sent by mail, so it may take a few days depending on how slow your mail is.

@allisonk24 I have heard the same thing! For the past few years, people received letter 2/2-2/4ish. I find this maddening, but it is what it is!

We were there this past Saturday for a tour and they said the EA letters were being mailed today, 1/28 via snail mail. Good luck all!

Thanks for the info! I emailed the admissions counselor just now to inquire (of course, before reading this).

I’m hopeful. Would you mind sharing if the counselor confirms this information? Thank you!!

The letters were mailed today! They posted on their Instagram page :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!

anybody get any SHU mail today?

haven’t gotten any mail yet- very anxious…wondering if we will hear today, tomorrow or weekend

they mailed them yesterday thru regular mail I guess. So depending on your location my guess is Saturday the latest. But could easily be today or tomorrow as well.

In NJ, already got mail and no letter today.

We are in Fairfield county and got the acceptance letter today.

Same here, but my daughter said someone she knows from school received their acceptance today (in NJ)

I am hunting down the mailman tomorrow. LOL

Got acceptance letter today on Long Island!

Congratulations! What’s your major?

got accptance letter today in NJ (Undecided major)

NO letter yesterday (Friday) here in NJ but our mail is notoriously delayed. Hopefully today!