Sacred Heart University

Does merit scholarship info come with acceptance letter?

Yes the merit scholarship came with the acceptance letter

Has anyone in MA received their acceptance letter yet

NJ- acceptance to School of Nursing today. Merit included.

I’m in MA and I haven’t gotten anything yet

Nothing for my daughter — greater Boston

What amounts of merit have accepted people got so far? And can you post your SAT or ACT, GPA, etc.? Thanks.

Got acceptance yesterday!

Got acceptance on Saturday, but not to the Nursing program. Merit aid was included in package. DD will not be attending because we have direct-admits at other schools…and better packages.

@MortgageMamma glad to hear your DD has other options. Would you mind sharing her stats? Trying to gauge chances. Thank you.

Yes, if anyone who’s gotten merit aid/scholarships would you mind sharing how much you’ve gotten and what your stats were? Thanks so much.

DD received $22K (includes $ for Honors program & choir, instrument, or theatre participation)
GPA weighted: 101 unweighted: 96
SAT: 1280
AP, Honors, and College Level courses
Various extracurriculars
*Merit was less than all other schools

D20 was accepted – Nursing-with $19,500 scholarship ($17.5K merit, $2K honors – need to keep a 3.4 minimum GPA). Applied EA, 94.4/100 GPA, 1250 SAT, NY. We are kind of disappointed in the merit offered. SHU is the most expensive option and we don’t like that $2k is dependent on keeping a 3.4. We visited the campus twice and loved it, but will probably go with a different school.

Still waiting in MA…

I just got my letter in MA today. They said that I won’t be notified of my decision until I visit campus. Anyone else get something like that? Is visiting campus a required part of the admissions process?
Applied EA for Communication Disorders, 3.83 GPA, 33 ACT

Yes my daughter got a letter like that as well. We are in Western New York, not exactly around the corner. They also offered other evening sessions to attend, but none are near us. She has other good offers with much more merit than what they told us she’d likely qualify for so it’s not worth the trip for us. I have never heard of this, usually it would be a rejection, deferral, waitlist or acceptance. stats 29 ACT and 3.7 GPA. AP and honors with lots of EC/varsity swim

D20 was accepted into Nursing program. We did visit campus and she recently interviewed. She got a fairly standard merit package $14k merit and $2.5k dependent on theater program participation which is a little random based on my daughters high school experiences. My daughter did not submit test scores.

Has anyone tried to get more merit money, and if so how do you go about that?

I did not hear about the visiting part for SHU, but my daughter’s friend heard that from other schools

Daughter received acceptance today. Got in with a $19,500 scholarship, $2000 of which was for honors program. I thought it was a little low; she has a 1400 SAT and a 4.215 GPA, 5 AP’s, all honors classes, lots of extracurriculars. Thankfully it’s not high on her list.