Sacred Heart University

@kvallu5274 we felt the same way when our D got her numbers from SHU. High numbers, AP courses, Student government, athlete and 19,500 is the lowest offer she’s received.

@kvallu5274 @dadwquestions
We received the same package with similar stats. Also noticed to keep these funds students must maintain a 3.2. Compare to other schools that gave a significant (more) amount of money that is a bit high. So not only is the assistance low but now we have to sweat out keeping that money. This is very surprising and discouraging.

I was surprised at our offer. Very disappointed as my daughter really liked it there. Funny how when they aren’t competitive it is easy to find things you didn’t like. It really is a lousy neighborhood. Especially when you factor in that the university is pretty much in the city in the middle of it. Seems they basically go by the estimate that is calculated on Est Cost. Why bother with the FAFA AND the CSS

@removepotus, yes it seems like a lot of people were disappointed with their offers. I agree about the area that it’s in. I wasn’t impressed at all. Neither was my daughter. That’s one of the reasons it was very low on her list. And then the low merit offer had her cross it off of her list. Oh well.

Any appeals come in from Sacred Heart?