Safety Schools with full-ride scholarships/scholars program

I’m looking for safety schools (preferably in california, but anywhere is fine) with good stats, math or econ programs with full-ride scholarships. I don’t qualify for financial aid, so looking for full-ride scholarships or scholars programs. My stats:

Asian, not first generation
uwGPA: 4.0, wGPA: 4.6
APs: only AP English Language and Calculus BC (plus 4 additional aps my senior year). Don’t know the scores yet. I’ve also taken 4 honors and 2 DE courses, but my transcript is definitely average for my highly competitive school.
Test Scores: SAT 1560, SAT Math 800, psat likely NMSF

ECs: DECA officer (6th at nationals, 1st at states ), officer at club for child labor, founded pro-bono math program for underrepresented middle school students, founder and president of exchange program with refugees from Syria to help them practice English. Summer teaching intern working at a nonprofit full-time (7-5 for 8 weeks) teaching math to underrepresented middle schoolers

Your parents will pay nothing?

Here is a list of Full Ride scholarships but most will not be safeties:

Start with post #57 for the most updated list.

It doesn’t need to be automatic, as long as I would be competitive/have a chance to get it

You would be competitive for the Eccles scholarship (30 per year) at the University of Utah:
And you’d very likely get at least a full tuition scholarship automatically with admission. They have a strong math program. PM me if you need more details.

If you end up as a National Merit Finalist, you can get a full ride to U of Florida, Florida State and a few other FL public schools. UF is a top ten public school, so competitive with your CA publics. Its called the Benacquisto Scholarship, and was recently broadened to out of state NMFs. It pays tuition, room, board, fees and some other costs.

@vistajay Has it been confirmed that the Benacquisto will be available for the high school class of 2019? Even though I know there wasn’t a huge influx of National Merit students to Florida schools this year due to a lack of awareness of the scholarship, I’m still worried the state is going to realize what a financial burden this scholarship is going to be and take it away.

Here’s a list I compiled of schools that offer full ride, full tuition, and near full tuition scholarships based off of ACT scores. Some of the scholarships definitely need fact checking as they are based off of other College Confidential threads and a Google query of “automatic full tuition scholarships.” I would heavily suggest doing some research of your own. Here is what I got so far:

ACT Score

Alabama State (Full Tuition + $500 for books)

Alabama State (Full Tuition + Books and Fees)
Alcorn State (Full tuition + $200 for books each semester)
Mississippi Valley State (Tuition, fees, and book allowance)

Jackson State (Full Tuition)

Florida Atlantic (75% tuition)
Alfred State College (Free Room and Board)*
Alcorn State (Full Ride)
Mississippi Valley State (Full Ride)

Jackson State (Full Ride)

Alabama State (Full Ride)
PVAMU (Full Ride)

Hawaii at Manoa (90% OOS tuition)
Hampton (Full Tuition)
Coppin State (Full Ride, maybe in-state only)

SE Missouri St (Full Tuition)
Alfred State College (Full Tuition)*
Tuskegee (Full Tuition + $800 for books)
Alcorn State (Full Ride)
Jackson State (Full Ride)

Columbia College, SC (Full Tuition)
Florida Atlantic (80% Tuition)
North American College (Full Tuition)
Delta State (Full Tuition)
Florida A&M (basically full tuition)
North Carolina Central (Full Ride)*
Hampton (Full Ride)
Westminster (Full Tuition)

UAB (Tuition and Fees)
LSU Shreveport (Full Tuition + Fees + Book Allowance)
LSU (Full Tuition OOS)*
UAH (Full Tuition)
ULM (Full Tuition, Fees, and $5,000 Housing Stipend)
Missouri State (Partial Coverage of total COA)
Arkansas at Monticello (Full Ride)
Southern Miss (Full Tuition)
Tuskegee (Full Ride)
UALR (Full Tuition, $10,000 a year, OOS waiver)
Utah Valley (Full Tuition)
Southern Arkansas (Full Tuition)
Wayne State College (Full Tuition)

Utah State (Full Tuition, ranges from 31-36 depending on GPA)
Oakland (Full Tuition)
WKU (Full Tuition, $3000 for housing, $500 book stipend)
Central Arkansas (Full Tuition)

Texas A&M Kingsville ($10K-$15K, should cover tuition)
Morningside College (Full Tuition)

Western Illinois ($10,000 + room)
Ohio (85% OOS tuition/full in-state)
Alabama (Full OOS tuition)
Ole Miss (80% in-state, 90% OOS for tuition each)
Louisiana Tech (range of awards from tuition to full ride)
IPFW (Full Tuition)
Texas State (Full Tuition)
Lee University (Full Tuition)
Hampton (Full Ride + $500 book stipend)

SE Missouri St (Full Ride)
NIU (almost full ride)*

UAH (Full Tuition + Housing)

Antioch College (Admission, Full Tuition)*
Hampton Scholarships*
Barclay College (Full Tuition) must live on campus

IN-STATE ONLY AND NEEDS FACT CHECK: IUPUI (27 ACT, Full Tuition up to 30 credits)

Here are some of the threads and websites I used:

There were more, but I’m having trouble finding them. Anyway, I hope this helps.

I guess the Legislature could always change it next spring. I doubt it would though, as there will not be that many taking advantage this year.

Thank you all! If the Benacquisto Scholarship opens to OOS students, it looks perfect. Thanks!

^^Same. Thank you!