Saint Louis University OT Direct Admit Program

I just visited SLU for the first time and loved it. I’m currently a junior and really want to go into OT, yet I’m not sure if I’m able to get in. I have a 30 in the ACT and a 3.9, but no AP sciences. Does anyone have any info on advice or how you got into the program?

Let me start this by saying I’m not an expert, I am not part of college admissions etc etc. Just a parent who’s daughter would have loved someone to answer this questions a year ago. My daughter will be attending SLU in the fall and was admitted to the direct admit OT program. She also loved SLU from the very first visit. Again the following is just my opinion based on what we have learned through this crazy process.

Your grades/ACT look fine. If your school offers AP science I would try and take one as a senior if they don’t offer it then don’t worry. My daughter is taking AP BIO now but did not take AP science junior year - just physics. If your school has a human phys or anatomy class that may also look good. I would suggest that you try and shadow an OT this summer or volunteer at a clinic/hospital something to show you have researched the field and really know you want to be an OT. As you know the spots are limited and I feel like they want to make sure they accept kids who are going to stick with the program. The hard part is everyone will have decent grades/test scores so try to do something that others may not - whether that be shadowing an OT, volunteering with the patient population you may want to work with, and/or writing an out of the box essay.

I would also suggest you meet with your SLU admission counselor as much as possible - if they visit your school go talk to them even if it is just to say hi and introduce yourself. Once you apply you will be asked to interview - its not mandatory but I highly suggest you do that also. My daughters was very casual (they met at a Panera) but it’s just another way for them to get to know you and for you to try and convey your passion for SLU/OT.

There are also other direct admit programs out there - apply to more than one.

Good Luck

You’re on the higher end of their stats, so I think you have a great shot! I agree with MUGRAD; I would focus on volunteering and gaining experience to help your application.

My daughter is about to enter her 5th and final year at SLU in the MOT program. She did not take any AP sciences at all. She chose to take Anatomy and Physiology her senior year because it seemed more appropriate for her major, and she’s very glad she went that route. It helped when she had to take basic anatomy and gross anatomy (tough class that you take during the summer between your junior and senior years).

I don’t think you’ll have any problem getting in. She had a 31 on her ACT. I’m not sure if your GPA listed is unweighted or weighted, but she had around a 3.8 or 3.9 unweighted and a 4.4ish weighted GPA. Plenty of OT majors had lower stats and still got in. Since you have a 30, you should consider applying for the Presidential Scholarship. She applied and was selected to interview. She wasn’t awarded full tuition, but she apparently was in the top 10% of those who interviewed, so they added an extra $2,000 per year to her Vice Presidential scholarship.

As a side note, she LOVES SLU. It has been the perfect school for her. We are not Catholic, but she never felt weird about it being a Jesuit school. She loves the OT program as well as the majority of her professors. I can’t say enough about how great her experience has been there! Good luck to you!!

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