Santa Clara University vs Wisconsin-Madison for Computer Science?

I am currently deciding between these two universities for computer science. I will be part of the CSCI Computer Science at Santa Clara, and letters & sciences at Wis-Mad. I understand that Wis-Mad is very very highly ranked for computer science, but the convenience of Santa Clara and that it is well known in the Silicon Valley is also great + the smaller class sizes. I am having a tough time picking, do you know which one you would pick?

I know that I’m still salty that D16 didn’t go to SCU for CS. She ended up at a public university similar to Wis-Mad. While she came out fine and has a great job lined up, I can’t help thinking that life would have been easier for her at SCU.

Is there a cost difference? Do you have family near either location? Do you have a geographical preference?

There is almost no cost difference. I live in the silicon valley, so it would be really nice for me to stay here and I love this place’s weather. But the top 10 or 20 ranking is really hard for me to ignore also.

Assuming cost isn’t an issue:

Both are great in their own way so I would say go with fit except:
CSCI at SCU seems more like a math major with a CS minor than a full CS major. Is it possible/easy to switch to CSE at Santa Clara?

I did the research and CSCI is pretty much CSE without a few engineering courses.

OK, go with fit. Rankings don’t matter as much in the real world as people in HS may think.


It’s past May 1 or 3 depending on the school but they’ll have used one of those dates …where did you deposit ? Or have you missed both ?

I was waitlisted at Wis-Mad, so I was wondering if I was given the choice which one to pick.

Assume if you were waitlisted you are not going. Get your mind around SCU. hopefully you deposited. It’s a great school. A WL is a rejection but it’s a hedge for the school. Not for you.

Get giddy for SCU. That’s where you are meant to be. If WISCY comes through then worry about it


The opportunities in SV out of SCU are great - good luck!

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