SAT II Bad Score Send?

Hello everyone!

I’m a high school senior, applying to some top tier Ivies like Princeton and Cornell. I only took one SAT Subject Test (Latin) and got a 690. I didn’t sit for it or another (bc of financial stuff), but I don’t know if I should send it. Will it hurt my app? Or should I send it anyway? Please advise!

Below are my stats:

3.99 UW GPA
4.25 W GPA
1500 SAT (760 English, 740 Math)

Great rec letters, lots of ECs, leadership positions, solid essays, various awards

Fluently trilingual

National Hispanic Scholar

Ethnically Hispanic, Native American Female

Middle Class

3 Science College Credits

I know a lot of people apply, but I don’t know what I should do… it’s recommended/required, but I have earned a lot of other Latin awards… so will it hurt me?

Thank you very much!

You shouldn’t end it. Or study and retake it. Or take a different exam.

Thank you! That is very helpful!