SAT November, still no score

<p>Hi. A friend of mine took the SAT in November. On the 19 when he checked the collegeboard page, he was told that his score won't be available until yesterday. But he still hasn't got it up to now. Any of you in the same situation?</p>

<p>yeah me !!!
i emailed them and they still havent replied , im feeling so darn angry , stupid college board people</p>

<p>I received mine in the mail today</p>

<p>me either!I have not got my score up to now 11:54 pm EST!:( ...ngohuongly ,you're from Vietnam ,right?!I'm from Vietnam either!Your friend took SAT in VN?!I took it in Hanoi..anyway,i'm quite relieved to know that there are still some other kids who have not got their scores yet.</p>

<p>aurora2004, my friend took it in Hanoi, too, at UNIS. I believe my friend has been online since Saturday night just to check his score once in 10 mins.</p>

<p>Really?!!!I also took SAT at UNIS!!!So i bet the CB hasn't touched our test centre yet!STill in hope.Tell your friend not to worry coz not only he/she , i haven't got mine ,too!According to the web of CB , i think we gonna(if no other problems) get our scores next Tues.</p>

<p>Oh no, I have two friends taking SAT at UNIS. The other one had his score on the 19.</p>

<p>Can your friend(the one without score yet) recall if he had any misconduct during the test?!!I did have a problem coz i filled in my name in wrong order :( ..anyway,i'm gonna call CB tonight to ask about score.There're still several kids around the world have not got their scores,too.</p>

<p>I believe he didn't. Everything was correct. Well, the wrong order might not be a problem. Both the test service provider and the colleges are aware of such cases.</p>

<p>Hi ngohuongly, newest tidings i got after calling CB just now is that they messed up my answer sheet somewhere and haven't marked it yet :( ..i have to wait until this Fri OR next Fri!I suggest you asking your friend make a call to CB and remind them about his SAT .If not, they'll bury it somwhere!</p>

<p>hey aurora, any luck?</p>