SAT Scores

<p>I need a very important question answered. My S is a second year at UVA but I am just beginning the process for his brother a HS junior. When he (younger son) was in Middle school he took the SAT in 7th and 8th grade as part of a "Rogate talent search" program. The results were good for 7th and 8th grade but.. well he was 12. Anyway, the results of the 7th grade tests are still on his college board account even though they are NOT supposed to be. We have sent letters to the college board requesting that the scores be purged but instead of purging them they have now reinstated the 8th grade scores. UGH. </p>

<p>Anyway my question is this, At this point I have zero confidence that the college board is capable of resolving this problem. I am actually afraid that if he pushes it further they will end up deleting all his scores, of which he has an 800 on an SAT II test. If a school does not participate in score choice and mandates that all scores be sent, if he omits the middle schools scores will it somehow be noted on the report from college board? Therefore making it look like he did not follow the "rules".</p>

<p>It doesn't matter. We super score the SAT. Our system automatically picks the best combination to show us. I don't care about low scores and I don't even see them when I read a file.</p>