SAT subject tests

Considering how so many exams have been canceled and UC going test optional, do you guys think subject tests will be as important as they were in previous years for competitive majors? I’m wondering about computer science in particular. I haven’t been able to take any of my sat exams at all.

The UC’s are now test blind and you cannot take what is not offered.

I view it just the opposite. Subject tests were less important than the SAT/ACT, and now that those aren’t required, subject tests carry less weight too (when they’re even considered). The students who take subject tests are a self-selected group, so of course you would expect a higher percentage of students to do well. They don’t add much to an application that a class grade or AP score can’t tell.

One less thing to pay for and worry about IMO.

It looks like that door isn’t quite shut yet, the UC system is appealing that decision so, it may change.

As I read the order, it applies to the core SAT/ACT and not subject tests.

According to the the UC website,they are still accepting SAT Subject Test as well as AP and IB scores for those who care to submit them.

Recommendations for fall 2021 applicants
Remember, these are recommendations, not mandates. You will not be penalized for failing to take the SAT Subject Tests. On the other hand, submission of these test scores (just like submission of AP and/or IB scores) may add positively to the review of your application.

I am so glad I don’t have a kid who will be impacted by this fluidity - and feel for those of you who have to navigate it for yourselves. says that SAT subject tests are recommended for:

  • UCB College of Chemistry and College of Engineering (math level 2 and a science related to the major)
  • UCSD engineering or science (math level 2 and a science related to the major)

and not recommended for all other campuses or divisions/majors.

For UCSD it is recommended for engineering or biological or physical sciences majors.