<p>I'm gonna be doing my SAT this october 9th and i also planned to take 3 other subject SATs.
I wanna do a minor degree in Biology and a major in Computer science. I'm going to pursue a career in medicine. I'm not sure which subjects SATs i should take.Also i'm not sure as too which universities i should be sending my scores too. Oh, I'll also be taking my ISC 12th std exam next March ie 2011.
Can somebody please enlighten me?</p>


<p>Take Math I/II and the SAT II Bio test.
If you've know which universities you're going to apply to, send them there. Else, send them to the universities you're likely to apply to.</p>

<p>Take Math II preferably, its got an easier curve. And obviously bio and one other subject you're good at.</p>

<p>thanks alot guys u really helped me clear up my thoughts!

<p>3 SAT IIs aren't necessary.</p>

<p>^for some colleges they are, and in any case, you can give 3 and have the best 2 considered in one single sitting.</p>

<p>You mean by cancelling one of the scores? They don't allow that. All 3 scores will be sent to colleges.</p>

<p>And Georgetown is the only college that requires 3. And actually they don't even require that, just recommend it. No other college requires more than 2.</p>



<p>Really? That's not what I understood from College Board web site. I thought they do give you the choice.</p>

<p>From SAT</a> Subject Tests - Canceling SAT Scores</p>

Students who feel that they did not do their best on an SAT Subject Test can cancel scores on the test within a few days (see below). Subject Test scores for all Subject Tests taken on that date are canceled.


<p>Edit: Score choice is a possibility, though.</p>

<p>Yes, and colleges which require two scores will automatically take the best two in most cases. Also, Harvard needs 3 tests too.</p>

<p>Harvard requires two subject scores. I know that it was three last year.</p>

<p>From Harvard web site:</p>

<p>"Candidates may complete testing (SAT or ACT with writing and two SAT Subject Tests) by using the January SAT or the February ACT dates, but we urge you to have your testing completed by the December date."</p>

<p>ah, I feel a lot older now XD</p>