SAT2 question for UVa

<p>i emailed UVa and asked them if instead of taking 3 DIFFERENT subjects, if i could take writing, math 1c, and math 2c. they said they "recommend that you take 3 tests covering different subjects, but we will certainly accept the second math test as your third sat2 test." right now, i have a 720 writing. would it be a better idea to have a 720 writing, 750-800 math 2c, and 700+ math 1c, or take literature instead of 1c and get around a 650? BASICALLY... should i do what they "recommend" and get a lower score, or do what they "will certainly accept" and get a higher score? I'm kind of running out of time, so a quick response would be very much appreciated!</p>

<p>Don't take two math tests. If I were you, I would take a science or a foreign language instead of literature, especially if you are currently taking a science or foreign language. Its important to do what the school you are applying to wants, especially if you are thinking you may be border-line.</p>