Savory Breakfast Dishes

I’ve seen recipes for savory cauliflower waffles.


I make chaffle all the time and love them.

Crepes is a good idea - for some reason I have never made them - can I make them without a crepe pan?

Yes. Best is a pan close to the size of crepe you want to make so you can take advantage of the sides of the pan to shape the crepe, but a larger pan will still work, just more effort to keep the batter from spreading too far.


Some may see it as cheating, but you can buy packaged, pre-made crepes in the bakery section

Making your own can have a steep leaning curve. That old saying about the first pancake being a toss out applies. Ime, several. (Alton Brown could explain it. Something about the pan warming to just the right temp, the oil/butter glazing the surface just-so. I dunno.) Thing is, it’s not hard- it’s just getting the hang of it.

You can also make a crepe-like thing with just scrambled eggs thinned with, I think, milk. (That’s a Suzanne Somers trick, when she was pushing her version of healthy. ) I tried it once and it was easy-peasy. You could add whatever (or nothing) to the egg batter- diced peppers, cheese, ? Again, you’d need a science-y explanation of why this is easier than a full-on crepe. It does need to be quite a thin batter.

About burritos. Omg, I gained weight, one stretch at work, where a food truck would stop by each am. (It was worth it.) The burritos had scrambled eggs, bacon, link and loose sausage, hash browns (what HB really are- the shredded potatoes. Not the diced,) and a ton of cheese. Whatever esle you want. If part of this is having fun with your D, being a little adventurous, I could see a sort of DIY bar with different inner ingredients laid out.

Lol, you can tell I’m a breakfast gal.


You have to make them in advance, but I sometimes make Starbuck’s egg bites except with savory ingredients like a couple scoops of Bolognese sauce at the bottom and saffron or roasted bell pepper flavor infused in the eggs.

Also fun are puff pastries with cheese, eggs, and bacon. Basically buy the pastry shells, lay scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon/sausage inside, roll them up and bake.


Egg bites are both delicious and storable. We often make 21+ at a time in the InstantPot using silicon molds such as these (Amazon):

I wish I had had this when our son was in elementary school. Before the IP, I used to scramble one egg, fresh herbs, and chopped veggies in a one-cup Pyrex bowl, microwave for 1 minute, and place on a toasted muffin with a slice of cheese for his breakfast.


Such creative ideas everyone!

Frittata with whatever veggies are on hand—spinach, mushrooms, peppers—cheese, and ham.

Breakfast tacos are a popular savory breakfast option in Texas. Favorites are bean and cheese, chorizo and egg, potato and egg.

This is so simple it’s not really a recipe. I like it now and then for breakfast (inspired by an item on breakfast buffet on cruiseship):

  • sliced cucumbers topped with whipped cream cheese & smoked salmon

You also could add dill, though I’ve not done that at home

Here’s a couple other bacon-centric dishes I like for myself. First, bacon jam with crackers or toast. There’s tons of bacon jam recipes out there to look at. I keep it relatively simple with bacon, caramelized onions, a little maple syrup, and a bit of cardamom. Coriander might be a nice alternative to the cardamom. Basically chop up the bacon and simmer everything together for as long as you like; I think I give it 30 mins or so.

I also make glazed bacon strips. Basically make your bacon as usual (I bake mine). While the bacon’s cooking I reduce some maple syrup by about 2/3rds, then add vinegar and salt to taste. Plain old white vinegar works best for me as I want a good sour kick without having to add too much, because you don’t want to thin out your glaze. While the sauce is warm, dunk the bacon and drain/brush off excess glaze, and allow to cool. Fantastic with some sharp cheese and crackers, and strong coffee.


We have a unique gourmet waffle restaurant here and they have a savory waffle that has garlic and black pepper in the batter. They don’t reveal their recipe and it was created by their chef but a quick search brought up some interesting choices. They use that waffle as the base of some breakfast sandwiches (blt with/without an egg and/or avocado, your standard bacon/egg/cheese).


I make tomato jam - bacon jam I’ve never heard of!

My standard method of cooking bacon is to put it in a rack on top of a pan, sprinkle lightly with brown sugar- very very lightly - and bake. My family insists on this method .

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Congee is a good alternative to oatmeal. Found the joys of this comfort food during the many hotel breakfast buffets I had in Asia. Perfect for a cold winter morning.

You can make it as liquid or dry as you want by controlling the ratio of water, rice and cooking time. There are various things you can then add to the base congee after it is finished. You can get various pickles and preserved meat and egg products from an Asian grocer or you can add western items like scrambled eggs, ham, bacon and sausage.



Natasha has a ton of other yummy breakfast recipes. :fried_egg:


Oeufe Cocotte (Baked Eggs) - my husband used to get this at a place in NYC (Maison Kaiser) so I finally googled it and made it for him. He has since made many variations of the dish, using different proteins, vegetables and creams. For example, he has used leftover steak, chicken, ham, asparagus, creme fraiche, sour cream, etc.


Shirred eggs was the first thing we made in Home Ec class, way back in 7th grade. And the last time I ate this dish. Keep thinking about trying it again.

And it reminds me that quiche is sort of the scrambled version, in crust. Both very flexible dishes.

@BunsenBurner I will never see Natasha’s Kitchen and not think of you!!! I’ll explore on her website!

About a year or so ago my wife and I discovered we had a sensitivity to eggs. We began thinking outside the breakfast box and searched for foods that could be had for breakfast beyond the cereals, bagels etc. We discovered things such as baked sweet potatoes, a prosciutto avacado salad with a grapefruit sesame oil dressing, chinese congee, and lentil salads. The last two we usually make over the weekend and have it during the week. We still have some traditional breakfasts ie. pancakes, cereals, oatmeal bagels etc. but these add options we hadn’t considered before and are quite tasty.


“prosciutto avacado salad with a grapefruit sesame oil dressing” - That sounds interesting. I happen to have all those ingredients and googled for some recipes. That might be our Sunday lunch.