Schedules are up!

<p>Just a status update, our preliminary schedule is up on our portal!
student center->enrollment->view my weekly schedule.</p>

<p>Just on a side note to current students, I got placed into SCM 150(some lab workshop for chem 127) which takes up another 4 hours of my schedule for only 1 unit. Am I allowed to just drop that class?</p>

<p>I was thinking they came up after SOAR. Does everyone's schedules come up?</p>

<p>I just looked at my son's schedule. he is still in bed!<br>
He will not like his Wednesdays! he starts everyday at 8:10am. On MW he ends at
6:00pm. On Mon he has some good breaks in between, but on W he has 2 labs that are 3 hours each and an Econ class that is 2 hours. He has 3 classes with 1 hour breaks in between. I guess it could be worse with no breaks!
The only class he has on TTh and F is Calc III at 8:10 in the morning. He is done on those days at 9:00am</p>

<p>He didn't get Chem this first quarter like he expected. 13 units total (I think) The IME class and lab are 2 units, but I am not sure if it is 2 units for lecture and 2 for lab. If not, he only has 11 units.</p>

<p>I guess he will learn more at SOAR next week.<br>
Pretty exciting! Maybe he will wake up to see this!</p>

<p>it says on my portal "Your classes are being generated. Your class list will be available soon, the university is working to create your schedule for you"
so hopefully soon.</p>

<p>Mine said the same thing as mandilove but i checked anyway and it was there</p>

<p>Hmm mine is up but i only have 2 classes</p>

<p>where does it say that your classes are being generated. I don't see any of my classes...</p>

<p>if you sign into your 'mycalpoly' portal, on the first page (the main tab) in the middle it should say it.</p>

<p>To find the schedule carefully follow the instructions in Socal70's original post. You have to be in the Student Center section of the portal (says Oracle on top). Then navigate as Socal70 says and you can see if your schedule is posted.</p>

<p>My son hated the schedule they gave him last year and he changed the entire thing when open registration came around. Don't drop anything until you have something to replace it with. Also go to polyratings to check out how the professors rate. My son has found it pretty accurate.</p>

<p>when is open registration? I only have class tuesdays and thursday....4 classes. That seem odd or like a bad schedual?</p>

<p>I checked the middle of my portal. and nothing. and I followed the steps through student center and still nothing. Odd?</p>

<p>kai^Yes, I think 4 classes all on Tues and Thurs does seem strange. You should have a class that is 4 days per week. My son has Calculus MTThF. He has classes everyday of the week. 4 classes as well.</p>

<p>legit1204^ maybe they haven't gotten to yours yet. It could be done in order of your major or something?</p>

<p>ocslodad^Thanks for the tip. My son hopes to drop the Econ class he got and take something else. The teacher is very poorly rated on Plus he doesn't want the class anyway. I wonder when open registration is?</p>

<p>The current registration rotation can be found at this url</p>

<p>Registration</a> Rotations Schedule Fall 2010 New Students - Office of the Registrar - Cal Poly</p>

<p>so what do we do a soar than? Can we change our schedule at soar?</p>

<p>The portal shows my son is registerd for chem 124 plus lab, calc III and EE plus lab, which I think is only 10 units. So, I am assuming they have not finished adding all of his classes. In fact, his portal says they are working on his schedule. There is an IME class which he needs to keep on track with his major's flow chart. I'm thinking they will add that class before SOAR starts, or at least I hope they will.</p>

<p>I'm hoping they will too CalMom. I only have 2 classes right now, and only one of them is part of my major. They're 8 units together and i need at least one more class in my major to stay on track. I don't want to have to wait until registration either because I'm the second to last group to go on the last day. =&lt;/p>

<p>When my S first looked at his schedule under "weekly schedule" he thought he only had three classes, but when he put in the 7am time slot and refreshed his schedule he discovered he had a class at 710am! The weekly schedule that is posted starts at 8am. So that was sort of hidden at first.</p>

<p>oh! I just did that so the schedule goes until 9pm and i discovered i have a math class. precalculus algebra... I got a 5 on the AP calc exam. is that a mistake that i was placed in that class? and do i have to wait until registration to fix it?</p>

<p>That sounds like a mistake on the math class, but I guess it depends on your major. My S also got a 5 on AP calc exam and placed into Calc 143. But like I said, it could depend on your major. I have no idea what is to be done if there was a mistake, but if you are going to SOAR, you can probably straighten it out there.</p>