Scheduling Conflict

Hello all! I hope you are doing well. I have a scheduling conflict and that is I cannot take French 3 because I am taking two dual enrollment courses, which take up my first period. French 3 is taught in 1st and 7th Period, but I can’t do 7th Period because I have two dual enrollment courses. I really need to take French 3 if I want to major in French. What should I do?

What are the DE courses? What does the rest of your schedule look like and what have you already taken?

DE: ENGL 1101 (T and Th, 7:30 AM-8:45AM) and HIST 2111 (M and W, same time) (both take up first period, which is 8:35-9:26 AM)
I have five other periods from 9:31 am - 3:45 pm. My counselor can’t put me in French 3 for 1st pd because of DE and also not for 7th pd because I am taking 2 DE courses. Since I am taking 2 DE, my 7th period is free.
In 9th Grade, I’ve taken French 1, Alg 1/Geom A, Drama 1, Biology, 9th Grade Lit/Comp, Orchestra. In 10th Grade, I’ve taken Intro to Digital Tech, Gifted Chem, Geom B/Alg 2, 10th Grade Lit/Comp, Orchestra, French 2, and AP World.

Are there no 11th grade english and history options offered at your school?

If your goal is to major in french, I would think that should be the priority?

There are but I already signed up for those classes and I need to save time and money. I also want to major in Computer Science and orchestra.

Because she couldn’t schedule me for French 3, she is able to schedule my alternative, which is SAT Prep/Mythology (each for 1 semester) but I do not want or need to take those)

If there are viable alternatives that you’ve already decided you’re not going to take, then there’s not much that can be done.

Why does taking courses during first period mean you have to leave 7th period free instead of a course you want to take?

Can you take French at the college or with an accredited online school?

I’m really confused about this post.

Why wouldn’t you take SAT Prep/Mythology? IS there no English and history class offered at your high school?

it sounds like you are trying to do it all and it just isn’t working - you have to decide what is the most important to you and work with the school. I think you might find that taking French 3 will make you more competitive to colleges since many look for level 3 of a language (and not having it can be an easy way to weed out people if they wish) even if you are not majoring in a language.

If there is a limitation on the number of courses you are allowed to take, why can’t you make some other period free so that you can take French 3 in 7th period?

What are the other courses you want to take?

They do not want to overfill my schedule or something like that.

sat prep and mythology were my alternatives for electives

I do not want to take french at the college because I do not want to confuse my schedule and I am trying to learn french step-by-step

List your entire schedule. It’s hard to give advice with only part of the story.

Not quite getting this @shazamsam, is 7th period free for French 3 or not? You are correct, taking French in high school is a really good idea

it sounds like your only allowed so many classes which include dual enrollment classes and since your at the max allowed you need to take study hall 7th period by whatever name they call it. If that is the case I would talk to your guidance counselor and ask if you can swap out a class that is not a core class for French which is one.

So why can’t you leave a free period or study hall instead of SAT prep / mythology so that you can take French 3 during 7th period?

AP physics 1 is taught 1st, 2nd, and 7th period. I was put in ap physics 7th period because I was taken up for 1st and 2nd period since i am taking 2 DE courses. Even though I am not taking anything 2nd period, the 2nd DE course still “takes up” the 2nd period slot.

Here is my schedule:

DE: Adv Composition

DE: US History

SAT Prep (1st semester)

Mythology B (2nd semester)

Adv Orchestra

Acc CC Pre-Calculus

AP Computer Sci Principles

AP Physics I