School Culture in the time of COVID19

Hello !

How are you finding out about the school and music school culture during this pandemic? We’ve heard from most every school my son has applied to that there are no tours and while you could walk the campus, no one is allowed in buildings.

I totally understand this and respect it.

But how do our young people get a peek into the culture of the school and the music program?

I’m thinking of things like super intense, super competitive, collaborative, and more .

Would love to know what others are doing or have learned

Hi @musicmom98, for myself, I’ve been leaning hard on these forums. I have exchanged PMs with various parents whose kids are already in the colleges my daughter is looking at - these have been so helpful!

Someone in the Journey thread suggested reaching out to the studio to ask for a student reference. I think my daughter would find that really helpful if she is willing to do it. (Currently I think that’s still a big if, and I’m not going to push it until we have her final list of acceptances in hand).

Of course there are student run Zoom sessions offered. We have found these to be a mixed bag, and as time has gone on they are less and less attractive to my daughter. She is all Zoomed out.

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So is my son.

I guess I’ll be looking for connections after the last week of March or so.

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