School Report and Midyear Report

<p>If the end of my first semester/trimester/evaluation period is BEFORE the deadline, do I give both school report and midyear report to my counsellor? And, can my counsellor send both reports together? Will my counsellor put the same rank/gpa on both if my school runs on trimesters? What's the point of having two forms that do the same thing?</p>

<p>I'm sure your counselor knows what to do with those by now. Just give it all to them and they'll figure out which one to send when.</p>

<p>oops, she might not. because I am an international student.</p>

<p>EDIT: actually, she probably does not. I am the first student she knows who wants to go to the US.</p>

<p>I gave both reports to the "international dean" (I was the first at my school to want to go to US too!). I wrote on the top of the midyear report in my wee writing that midterm in NZ is July so I am able to send my stuff now. Think it went fine - good luck with yours!</p>


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