School-specific inside scoop on Acting & Musical Theatre programs

Please share any school-specific scoop on Acting & Musical Theatre programs. Hoping to give 2025 and future students more information that will help with the decision process. Asking for totally candid opinions, please don’t be offended if you disagree, no need to reply to another opinion - just share yours! It will help to hear as many views as possible. Looking for anything you think we should know that’s not on the website

For Example:

What’s the one thing good and one bad thing you should know about the Acting and/or MT BFA program? Or what’s the thing that you wish you would have known?

How do Acting & MT programs and students interact?

Generally speaking, what is the vibe/attitude of students and instructors in the program?

What are students most happy about? What do they complain about?

What are the facilities, classrooms and housing like?


Love this and am hoping to hear from folks!!

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thanks for the invite @IMgreatlakesdad2 , happy to answer any questions about Baldwin Wallace, other other schools we researched heavily from WL or acceptances. if I know people from prior year class Ill tag them, Many active folks from Molloy/Cap21 other schools are a mix, but I may recall at least year’s class. Best of luck to all of you at this stressful time of the year, lots of wait list movement in the month of April ,but you are almost on the other side, which is quite the accomplishment.

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Great idea for a thread. My son is at Tisch, which was his dream school, and he is loving it. I’ll to my best to respond to your questions above:

Tisch separates Drama students into 8 discrete studios. If you are not in the MT studio, you will not have crossover with MT. However, you can still take voice lessons and there are plenty of places to take dance around the city (Broadway Dance Center being one of the majors) --at least when covid restrictions are lifted. After your first two years in your studio, you are eligible to transfer to a different studio, and there are 2 more studios (in addition to the other 8) that are available to juniors and seniors only.

Acting and MT studios will interact because they will have other classes together - their writing seminars, or their praxis classes. My sons best friends are in a variety of studios including 2 from NSB although that is not his studio.

The vibe is intimate and caring. I get the sense that my son’s teachers really know him and have his number. He is getting the mentoring he craved. He loves his studio classes, the writing seminar not so much but that is specific to him and not an NYU thing.

The thing the students like the least is the fact that everything is so limited due to covid. It’s not a great year to get a wide-angle answer to that question. It’s all about the pandemic at the moment. Generally, I think the kids are content with the way Tisch pivoted and they’ve been mostly happy with their classes despite everything being online. Being on campus helped tremendously - he at least feels like he’s away at college.

Hope this helps and I’m happy to answer questions.

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bump - keep me updated